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Burberry teams with Google to allow users to send virtual kisses

Burberry has teamed with Google to create Burberry Kisses, a project which allows users to send a virtual kiss to a loved one.

The campaign sees users kiss their touchscreens and have the option to virtually apply colour from a range of Burberry Beauty shades before emailing a personalised message.

The envelope with the message will ‘fly’ from your city to the receiver’s destination across a 3D landscape.

Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer at Burberry, said: “We’re constantly thinking about how we translate the emotion of what we create and experience in the real world into the digital space, whether that’s capturing the energy and excitement of a live gig, the hum and buzz of anticipation before a runway show, or just the feeling you get when you pull on your trenchcoat on a rainy morning.”

Burberry Kisses is the latest campaign in Google’s art, copy and code project.

Aman Govil, art, copy and code project lead at Google, explained in a blog: “With this project, we’ve tried to create a beautiful experience that comes to life across all screens, and helps connect you to the people who are important to you, wherever they are.

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