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Podcast lovers busy making babies: 6 things marketers need to know about Millennials


By Hannah Bowler, Senior Reporter

August 8, 2023 | 6 min read

There is so much more to them than eating avocado on toast and prioritizing flat whites and Netflix subscriptions over buying a house!

Tips on how to reach Millennial consumers

Tips on how to reach Millennial consumers / Pexels

The average Millennial homeowner in the US has a household income of nearly $118,000 a year, so it’s worth getting to grips with their other interests and media habits.

Aged between 27 and 40, the Millennial demographic is settling down, getting on the property ladder and starting a family stage of their lives. In 2015, Millennials who had started a family were firmly in the minority. Now, aged 27-40, the number of them that are married and have/are expecting kids has more than doubled.

This demographic grew up during the dawn of the digital age, which has shaped a lot of their behaviors and world outlooks. The 2008 financial crisis is also within their memory and the demographic has less disposable income than the generations that came before it.

Digging into an annual study into Millennial behaviors from the market research group GWI, here are the top six trends worth understanding when marketing to millennial consumers.

1. Millennials have grown up

The pandemic changed Millennials’ priorities and more have since started a family. The number of US millennials who say raising a family is important to them has risen by 13% since 2020. This generation is focusing on what matters to them, finding a better balance between their work and their personal lives.

2. Online time is falling

As of Q1 2023, Millennials spend 2h 30 minutes on social media daily that’s 39 minutes more than broadcast TV, the next highest media channel. But this demographic is becoming increasingly burnt out by online media and is now spending 48 minutes less a day online compared with 2017.

In order to capture their attention online in this shorter window involves understanding why this change is happening and finding their favorite online spots.

Millennials grew up using Facebook and the platform still holds a strong grip as the most favored social app, above Instagram and WhatsApp. TikTok also captured their attention.

3. Influencer marketing

Millennials were the first generation to be exposed to influencer marketing and the very first generation of influencers. Followers have seen their favorite influencers growing up and starting families turning from fashion and lifestyle influencers to ‘mumfluencers.’ According to GWI, 80% of Millennials trust influencers, which is 15% more than the average consumer.

This translates into purchase behavior as Millennials are 13% more likely than average to purchase a product recommended by influencers.

4. Nostalgia resonates

Over 60% of Millennials watch screen adaptations and revivals of old media, with movies being a big hit and 59% said they like it when a brand uses old ads or logos. It’s important to remember that it’s not always about creating something new but reminding this generation why they connected with your brand in the first place.

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5. Millennials are big gamers too

While brands are scrambling to reach Gen Z’s through gaming, they shouldn’t forget that Millennials are right there with them. Millennials spend an average of 1h 20 mins a day on games consoles – just as much time as Gen Z.

GWI’s research has shown Esports is of particular interest to this cohort coinciding with the launch of Twitch in 2011. Millennials are the most likely generation to stream themselves playing games or to blog or vlog about the games they play. They also actively seek to insert themselves into the online gaming conversation. The top gaming content creators, PewDiePie, Markiplier and DanTDM, are all Millennials.

7. Podcast fans

Millennials spend more time than any other demographic listening to podcasts. They’re 16% more likely than the average consumer to say they spend at least two hours a day listening to podcasts. They are also fairly susceptible to podcast advertising, with 11% saying they find out about new brands or products through podcast ads.

Top 10 millennial brands, according to Yscore+

  1. Amazon
  2. PayPal
  3. Nike
  4. YouTube
  5. Dove
  6. Google
  7. Netflix
  8. Target
  9. Savage X Fenty
  10. Apple
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