Cannes Comedown

To bring the excitement of Cannes Lions to your home city,reviewing some of the highlights of the jam-packed week.

Everyone thinks everyone else is at Cannes. As we know this is not the case so we bring Cannes to London. As many of our clients have experienced, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the right cut through at Cannes and for those that do succeed, sustaining this engagement beyond the week of Cannes is another challenge altogether. The Cannes Comedown event offers both those that attended the festival as those who didn’t have the chance to relive some of the main highlights –rosé included –right in their home city. The event itself emulated the decadence of Cannes with everything from the branding and artwork to the cocktails and wines available aiming to recreate the excitement of Cannes as we debated the best, the worst and the most inspirational events of the week before. Our keynote speaker on the night, fresh from the main stage wasnone other than AOL’s Digital Prophet David Shing. Other key Cannes Award judges also speaking on the night included Steve & Nick Tidbull (TBWA Directors); Ash Bendelow (MD, Brave); Astrid Van Essen (UK MD, Mediamonks) and Gerry Human (CCO, Ogilvy & Mather). This event was promoted in the lead up to Cannes as part of our Drum Cannes calendar, during Cannes and after Cannes as part of our roundup coverage. A robust social media campaign was at the heart of the event both in the lead up and on the event day itself. There was also an editorial write up of the event and video interview with David Shing covering the highlights of the event.Workfront as positioned the key partner of the event and content and marketing surrounding it.

Over 450 brand and agency marketers registered to attend the event.