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Brave Spark and Finastra: Unforgettable stories of Open Finance having a global impact

by Rebecca Vickery

22 June 2020 17:23pm

A very human brief

Finastra, one of the largest fintech companies in the world, approached creative production agency Brave Spark with a desire to showcase their greater purpose. To demonstrate how Open Finance was impacting lives all over the world, unlocking the potential of people and businesses globally. To do this, Finastra wanted to showcase a series of untold human-led stories to accentuate how technology, innovation and collaboration was helping people all around the world to thrive, looking beyond the technicalities of Finastra’s software.

Uncovering stories of impact waiting to be told

Brave Spark love nothing more than telling authentic and meaningful stories, and this was a perfect opportunity to explore some of the incredible ways in which Finastra had touched the lives of people globally through open finance.

We selected five global locations, to tell five unforgettable stories, through five cinematic documentary style films. It was important for Brave Spark to work closely with Finastra to first understand the intricacies of the software itself. In doing so, it meant that the creative minds at Brave Spark had to collaborate in perfect synergy with the technical minds at Finastra to tell these stories accurately and imaginatively.

After lots of research, the film narratives were defined in collaboration with the Finastra team and the journey to uncover each story began. Brave Spark embarked on a journey across Vietnam, India, America, France and Switzerland, landing back in London for the final film.

Capturing unforgettable stories across the world

On our travels we captured stories of a coffee farmer in beautiful Dalat Vietnam; a young female entrepreneur and her inspiring tailoring business in a rural village outside of Bangalore; stories of the inspiring kids and their glass blowing skills in Tacoma; Joel a start-up CEO, and his collaboration through hackathons paired with epic mountain biking in Paris and Switzerland; and finally, ending in London, telling the unique story of Laura and her experience working at Finastra.

Each film is around 2 minutes and Brave Spark created a series of cutdowns to complement each, alongside a dynamic intro trailer to the series. Brave Spark also designed and built a stories content hub to showcase the films, allowing people to easily navigate and explore each further.

The beauty of each distinctive story is realised through its inspiring characters, rich colours and epic global settings, perfectly augmented by Finastra’s original mission: to tell human-led tales made possible by Open Finance.

Marisol Blest, Senior Global Brand and Corporate Marketing Manager, said:

“The production of the film series from start to finish was delivered in the spirit of true collaboration with the Brave Spark team. We worked together to uncover the most impactful stories about Finastra’s impact across the world. We are incredibly proud at Finastra of the human led stories we’ve created together with Brave Spark. They are not only beautifully shot but an important reminder about the possibilities Open Finance unlocks and enables for people and businesses across the world.”


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