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Will AI-generated PR content dominate in 2024?

By Charlotte Hutchings | PR Lead



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February 5, 2024 | 7 min read

Jaywing’s Charlotte Hutchings looks at four PR trends for the year ahead – all culminating in the inevitable question: how will AI shake up the PR industry?

An old-fashioned radio microphone, up close

What PR trends will dominate 2024? / Matt Botsford via Unsplash

We’ll get on to fake news and AI later, of course. But first, it’s worth noting that expert- and human-led content is still becoming increasingly salient in PR.

Leveraging expert commentary and real-life stories is a key strategy for generating effective media coverage across diverse sectors in 2024. So is staying reactive to the news agenda.

The emphasis on featuring experts and real people, rather than just brands, aligns with the increasing demand for credible and insightful content. The reliance on industry experts – mechanics for car brands and interior designers for homeware brands – indicates a shift towards showcasing genuine expertise and authority. Such stories are more likely to attract media coverage due to their credibility and unique insights.

Real-life stories are valuable assets for any successful story. Think strong case studies from everyday individuals, supported by rich imagery. This human element tends to resonate well with audiences and can significantly contribute to media interest.

Micro-influencers are still growing in popularity

The trend toward micro-influencers continues in 2024, characterized by a growing respect for individuals with smaller follower counts but deep authority within niche communities.

This change reflects a shift in influencer marketing dynamics; it’s driven by a desire for authenticity and relatability, as opposed to the perceived unrelatability and inauthenticity associated with larger influencers (who frequently share sponsored content). This suggests that audiences are seeking more genuine connections with influencers whose lives align more closely with their own.

Micro-influencers, with their smaller (but often more engaged) follower bases, can establish a sense of community and trust with their audience. Their content is perceived as more authentic and less commercial, contributing to a more relatable image.

The rejection of constant advertorials on channels of large influencers, conversely, implies a growing awareness among consumers of the promotional nature of sponsored content. In contrast, micro-influencers may offer a more personal touch, making their endorsements and recommendations feel less like traditional advertising and more like genuine, word-of-mouth recommendations.

Collaborating with micro-influencers can thus potentially lead to more meaningful connections, increased trust, and a more authentic brand image. This also emphasizes the importance of influencer marketing strategies that prioritize quality engagement and resonance over sheer follower count.

Trust and fake news: A responsibility for PRs and journalists

The persistence of trust issues and the spread of fake news pose ongoing challenges for journalists in 2024, building on significant hurdles faced in 2023. The prevalence of fake news and disinformation demands a heightened level of caution from journalists and readers alike as they navigate the information landscape.

To address these concerns, PR campaigns should employ robust methodologies, and these methods should be clearly communicated alongside press releases. This proactive approach helps build confidence among journalists, ensuring that the data presented is credible, verifiable, and free from manipulation.

By providing detailed information on the methodologies used in collecting and analyzing data, PR professionals can strengthen the credibility of their campaigns.

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AI-generated PR content: A balance to strike?

The prominence of AI as a buzzword has not waned, and it continues to shape the landscape in 2024, with Chat GPT still making a significant impact. While there is acknowledgment of the storm AI has created, there is also a note of caution that is worth listening to, about its potential impact on the quality of content.

Hesitancy about AI tools for written content creation reflects concerns about maintaining the authenticity, tone, and nuances that human-created content can offer. Despite these reservations, there is also recognition of the rising use of AI-generated elements, such as images, videos, and other creative components, in PR campaigns.

The suggestion that AI can enhance PR campaigns creatively without replacing traditional tactics aligns with the idea that AI should be viewed as a supplementary tool rather than a replacement for human-led strategies. The acknowledgment that AI can be part of a toolkit to optimize processes or enhance the overall experience suggests a more nuanced and strategic approach to incorporating AI within the public relations industry.

This perspective recognizes the potential for AI to bring a creative edge to PR campaigns, particularly in the realm of visual content. By leveraging AI-generated images, videos, and other creative elements, PR professionals can explore new avenues for engagement and storytelling. However, the emphasis on caution and strategic use implies a careful balance between the capabilities of AI and the unique qualities that human-driven strategies bring to the table.

Marketing Public Relations (PR) Agency

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