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Top 7 creative trends for 2024 - and how to incorporate them into your content

By Maria Sibirtseva, head of content marketing



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January 2, 2024 | 9 min read

Drawing on Depositphotos' annual creative trends report, Maria Sibirtseva (head of content marketing, Depositphotos) outlines this year's key trends - and how to use them.

Depositphotos creative trends report

As the end of Q4 approaches, marketers and content creators face the biggest challenge of the year — setting dozens of campaigns in motion, all while recapping annual results and planning for the new seasons ahead. Some quickly find insights and inspiration when it comes to industry reports, while others bury their teams in endless research and brainstorming. Both approaches have their reasons, but why waste time on tasks that others have already done as part of their regular activities?

Every year, Depositphotos, the world’s leading stock content platform, shares seven creative trends that will shape creative communications in the near future. The 2024 report has arrived with detailed trend descriptions, pro tips for content teams, data-driven insights, expert opinions, and carefully curated collections with licensed content.

If you’re still trend-hunting, you’ll find all the ideas and inspiration you need right here. Dive in to explore.

Above: Creativity & Design Trends 2024 by Depositphotos

1. Back to the streets

Examples of street life: a skateboarder, street food, parkour

Nostalgic about their childhoods and youth without the internet, Millennials — the most solvent and active generation — will seek inspiration in street art, music, and diverse communities in 2024. After years of digitalization and online-first lifestyles, their need for physical interactions and activities continues to grow. Brands are already exploring this tendency by creating campaigns that feature different subcultures their target audiences strive to be part of.

Content tip

Start with graffiti-style lettering, striking color choices, and VHS-like post-production — they look no less ambient in digital ads or projects, too. Or, opt for analog photography and videography that will not require drastic image manipulation, but will allow you to infuse your campaigns with authentic street culture vibes.

2. A way with words

Words written in different, fun fonts

With hundreds of trending esthetics in social media, some content creators will look for a more minimalistic approach to design this year. Text-only communication will become a significant trend that ChatGPT’s growing popularity has fostered.

Looking for ways to communicate a clear and consistent message in your campaign? Word-based graphic design might be just the right tool for your concept and target audience.

Content tip

In today’s oversaturated environment, the only opportunity to grab an audience’s attention is to stand out with unexpected word-based designs. Experiment with classic fonts and seek clarity in compositions, or go all in by creating melting or flaming letters that make your clients stop and pay attention to your message.

3. Core wave

A hot air balloon, a real life anime girl, a cat

Have you noticed the growing wave of different cores on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok? Driven by the desire to belong and add some order to their lives, Gen Z and younger generations create cores to describe seasonal trends, historical periods, cultural movements, and other parts of their lifestyles. Pop culture is becoming increasingly decentralized, providing more room for expression to both audiences and content creators in 2024.

Content tip

Dive into a universe with dozens of esthetics, from Barbiecore to Mermaidcore, Dreamcore, Devilcore, and many others. Explore these cores' unique features, such as color palettes or fonts, and make them part of your seasonal creative campaigns to better connect with younger generations.

4. Retro yet timeless

golf, a couple dressed in retro suits, horse riding

Inspired by the ‘Succession’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ series, ‘Old money’, ‘Quiet luxury’, and other similar esthetics have paved their way into brand communication. However, with an unexpected twist. Contrary to consumerism and maximalism trends, the ‘retro yet timeless’ trend is about supporting sustainability and making more conscious choices while cherishing family heritage and local history.

Content tip

Muted color palettes, retro fonts, and images depicting models wearing classic clothing that look trendy and ever-green are creative campaign approaches that will allow you to reach larger audiences. Besides, it looks good on everything, from packaging to websites and social media.

5. Personality, not gender

people of ambiguous gender

The year 2024 will have another inspiring visual trend uniting many creative campaigns. More and more designers, photographers, and other content creators will emphasize a model's unique personality, leaving no place for gender stereotypes. With more attention to authenticity, emotional states, and backgrounds, ads will grow in relatability with consumers who crave even more candid communication from their favorite brands.

Content tip

When preparing your next camping idea, consider using less gender-specific colors, attributes, and props. Think about how you can translate the essence of your message by being relatable when it comes to your audiences’ lifestyles, values, and views, leaving behind the stereotypes they might have been facing in society throughout the years.

6. The dimensions game

fat woman in underwear, dog with head in hands, aliens, man climbing stairs made of books

Another design trend signifying the divergence of esthetics in 2024 is the dimensions game. In juxtaposition to classic approaches and composition rules, it will challenge creatives to experiment with artistic techniques and their messages, blending various dimensions in unexpected ways. This will give every content creator the freedom to express their vision on every part of our lives — the past, the present, and the future.

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Content tip

The more you mix, the better. Why not blend 2D, 3D, and XR together in one thematic project? Or, make the characters from your childhood stories come to life in a futuristic narrative? The opportunities for self-expression are endless with this trend.

7. Life, work, hybrid

Home working

Work routines have drastically changed in recent years, from remote to remote-first and hybrid. And now, when the pandemic is over, many question what their relations with work should look like. Statistics say that 64% of employees are ready to leave their jobs if they do not allow for flexible work conditions. Considering all these changes, stock photography contributors and content creators have now to investigate and imagine what visual concepts and messages contemporary audiences will appreciate when it comes to their work routine.

Content tip

Pictures showcasing the blurred boundaries between life and work look the most relatable to consumers. At the same time, these boundaries are blurred in a way that gives privilege to routine rituals and well-being activities amid the nine-to-five schedule.

It’s time to set your 2024 projects in motion

Understanding these key tendencies and movements will allow you to save time on mundane tasks and get your creative juices flowing with insights from industry professionals. Find ideas and esthetics that are most relatable to your target audience and start crafting new projects to achieve better results in 2024. Good luck.

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