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How Amazon Marketing Cloud can maximize ad campaigns

By Holly Anstee, Copywriter



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March 2, 2023 | 6 min read

Together, Amazon Marketing Cloud and its Demand-Side Platform are the dream team for targeted campaigns. Holly Anstee of Optimizon explains how.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud can provide deeper analysis and insight into consumer behavior. / Paul Calescu

Identifying which parts of your ad campaigns create the most impact can be tricky; customer journeys often span multiple devices and marketing channels. Single-touch attribution models fail to take this into account, skewing your marketing analysis data. Amazon Marketing Cloud fixes this problem.

Also known as AMC, this advertising tool gives you deeper insights into how customers respond to your ads across multiple platforms. This allows you to make more informed decisions when it comes to planning campaigns.

Using AMC can give you the upper hand in sales, both on and off Amazon. Plus, it’s free. AMC produces aggregated reports from these datasets to give your marketing team a holistic overview of campaign performance across websites and media channels. Track specific campaign events such as clicks and gain greater insight into consumer behavior.

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How is Amazon Marketing Cloud different from Amazon DSP?

Amazon Demand Side-Platform (DSP) helps you expand your audience by showing your ads on Amazon and the company’s publishing partners. Amazon Marketing Cloud helps you understand your audience and improve your advertising strategy.

While Amazon DSP has reporting tools to analyze campaign performance, these do not provide as much insight as AMC. DSP makes it easy to measure your advertisement’s impact on bottom-of-funnel sales, but AMC shows you the value of your marketing efforts across the customer journey.

Amazon DSP is fantastic for targeting your ads at the right customers and purchasing habits, while AMC helps you optimize these ads by giving you richer insights into your audience’s behavior. Using both of these tools lets you effectively engage new and existing customers across the web, increase awareness and drive sales.

Amazon Marketing Cloud enables you to engage new customers with more control.


With AMC, your marketing team can have the freedom of choice to pinpoint the data most relevant to your business goals. You can set up custom data queries using your own programming language or Structured Query Language (SQL). This lets you quickly extract the most relevant data for your business. Creating queries is easy to do provided your team has a skilled developer familiar with writing SQL.

You can also create custom attribution models to see how much different media and campaigns contribute to these goals. Moving beyond the last-touch attribution model is critical for understanding the true value of all your marketing materials. This is especially important if you advertise your brand across many media and sales channels.


Your team can personalize datasets and customize reports to suit their priorities. The most important metrics for your brand appear at the top of your reports, letting your team get the most relevant data in seconds.


Getting a clear view of how your brand’s marketing material performs across different channels makes it immediately apparent what is and isn’t working. You can quickly make targeted adjustments to your campaigns to boost customer engagement and maximize your marketing investments.

Amazon Marketing Cloud helps your team answer important questions. How much do your marketing campaigns impact the customer journey from awareness to purchase? How do your advertisements perform when customers see them on different channels? Which combination of ads has the most impact on customers?

AMC is also notable for protecting user and customer privacy. It is a secure cloud-based environment or ‘data clean room’ that only generates anonymous, aggregated outputs. This means individual customers cannot be identified but you still get meaningful insights into consumer behavior. Additionally, Amazon cannot access, view or export any of the data or reports you create on the platform.

Strengthen campaigns with AMC

Amazon Marketing Cloud is an excellent tool for helping your marketing team optimize ad campaigns. AMC gives you the data you need to how customers respond to your ads at all stages of the marketing funnel. This empowers you to create the best ads for achieving your business goals, from increased sales to international expansion.

Cloud Services Martech Marketing

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