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Appetite Creative celebrates six years with B2B marketing success stories

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Appetite Creative reflects on the distinctive marketing solutions it has provided to clients over the years

As we celebrate Appetite Creative’s sixth anniversary in 2021, we believe it’s important to look back and recognize some of our successful marketing stories – some of which led us to be named as Top B2B Company in the UK by Clutch in 2019 and 2020, as well as Top B2B Company Global in 2020.

The last six years of work we have conducted with clients on innovative projects have given us an understanding of how B2B marketing works, and the best B2B marketing strategies for each of our clients. This allows us to tailor our marketing strategies depending on a client’s industry, objectives and budget.

As we look at some of the best B2B marketing projects we have worked on in the past, we are sure that this article will give you a great understanding on why B2B marketing is important, as well as how a professional agency can help you achieve your business goals in the most effective way.

Squirro: unifying branding for increased success

As an international company specializing in cutting-edge technology, Squirro realized that there was a clear mismatch between the branding they strived for and what was perceived by their intended audiences and customers.

Squirro arrived at the conclusion that they needed a B2B marketing agency to alter their public branding, ensure that customers were obtaining the most of the brand’s services and enhance their customers’ digital journey online.

As a result, their iconic – yet outdated – squirrel character was rejuvenated and adapted to the different fields of expertise of the brand, their website was optimized for SEO, and the user journey was also revisited to turn the page into a highly responsive and effective platform.

Their new hybrid website is now responsive, functional across all devices and highly engaging. The end result? A tenfold increase in the number of website visitors. In addition to this, the harmony across the brand’s portfolio is now evident, as the colors displayed on the website and sales presentations are uniform. This helps to install confidence and professionalism in the brand.

Find out more about Squirro by clicking here.

Hitachi Vantara: a fresh look at digital branding

Hitachi Vantara is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. Their role involves guiding customers by solving their digital challenges. More than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies trust Hitachi Vantara to help them in a variety of issues, from developing new revenue streams, unlocking competitive advantages and lowering costs, to enhancing their customer experiences and even delivering social and environmental value.

When their marketing team came to us, they had a very simple – yet singular – premise: B2B branding should be revolutionary. Appetite creative rose to the challenge and created a Marvel-style comic book representation of their internal manifesto. While Hitachi provided the initial storyline, we brought their ideas to life by using our fantastic design team and creative flair. The end result? A unique comic book that goes further while delivering an important message.

The comic was even printed physically, delivering extra impact.

Hybrid Theory: developing a thought leader

Hybrid Theory wanted to communicate its position as an industry thought leader and expert in their field.

With that in mind, they wanted to enhance their presence on social media, increasing the number of followers and engagement on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in line with their freshly rebranded look and feel.

To help Hybrid Theory achieve its digital goals, we stepped in, providing social media management. This involved creating and publishing a wide variety of posts on topics such as:

  • Behind-the-scenes content called ‘Team by Nature’ in each employee is presented to followers weekly

  • Announcements of upcoming events

  • Remarkable dates – such as the 10th anniversary of the company, for which Appetite created a celebratory video

  • Directing followers to Hybrid Theory’s opinion pieces on their website supported by appealing illustrations and designs created by Appetite Creative

The engagement clicks and impressions of the posts increased across all social media channels, with LinkedIn being the platform where Hybrid Theory performed the best. Hybrid Theory saw an increase of more than 190% in both post impressions and engagement. In addition to this, they saw a 150% increase in clicks, compared to the prior five months.

To know more about Hybrid Theory’s social media marketing strategy, check out the full case study.

Cisco: unique video production

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet. The American multinational technology conglomerate develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

Cisco’s marketing team approached us with a clear vision. They wanted a professional video production agency in the UK who could produce a series of short interview clips that explained topics such as the benefits of bringing IoT to people’s lives.

To make these talking heads a little more visually interesting, we asked each contributor to ‘wipe’ their names and title on to the screen and incorporated some rather nice motion graphics.

You can find one of the explainer videos by clicking here.

Hire professional teams, get professional treatment

Whether you’ve always wanted to refocus your company’s branding, or perhaps your startup has just launched and is looking for direction, Appetite Creative is confident that they can provide your business with a distinctive marketing solution.

Our years of experience working with clients from a variety of industries ensures that we hold the necessary knowledge and skill to deliver the right results for your project. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project.

Jenny Stanley is managing director at Appetite Creative.

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