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Future of Media: GB News ad accidents, influencing backlash, meet Simon Bevan

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I hope you've been enjoying our Creative Transformation Festival and are looking forward to our Mobile deep-dive next week.

GB News

Every week I write about the misplacement of an ad somewhere out there on that digital internet thing. This week took a slight turn. The brand safety crisis occurred on TV.

GB News launched at the weekend with a host of advertisers filling out its ad breaks. It looked like a healthy launch. But we now know that was deceiving. Many of these advertisers learned they’d been placed on the divisive GB News when hordes of disappointed social media users told them.

It was quite a curious thing. It quickly became apparent that many of these brands had no idea they’d taken this stance. Who would have wanted to wade into this latest episode in the culture war?

So I did some digging. TV ad sales are converging with digital.

It’s hard to believe all these agencies accidentally bought ads on a boycotted channel but it is true. Across Sky Media’s 130 channels the advertisers are bidding for audiences, not channels. GBN was just added to the pool upon launch. They might have to rethink that strategy but one source familiar with the bidding process said: “It is very rare that a brand doesn’t want to appear on a channel, this is quite unprecedented. This hasn’t really happened before.”

Catch up here.

Meet the media minds

Adland has a tendency to fixate on creativity at the expense of those planning, buying and executing campaigns. But no longer. In The Drum’s newest series, Meet the Media Minds, we’re digging into the creative ways the world’s biggest media agencies are navigating the digital waves.

The first in the hot seat is the very clever Simon Bevan, chief investment officer at Havas Media Group and there are a few great ones in the works too. Wish I'd thought this series up years ago.

Read it here.

Bad Influence

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has named and shamed prominent influencers whose content has fallen foul of rules regarding promotional posts. It has started showing its teeth to clean up disclosure in the influencing space. “We’re seeing much better rates of compliance,” the ASA says.

Meanwhile, in good news, Gay Times launched a new band of influencers – the GT133. It is also seeking to transform how it speaks to its audience. It may be starting on TikTok, but the radical change they represent to the brand will extend far beyond one social network.

And finally, TikTokers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson – known for creating viral dancing, singing, and shenanigan-filled content –announced the debut of their new gen Z-focused agency. They’re promising ‘world domination’.

Other Stuff

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