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Your audience is on Pinterest. Are you?

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April 28, 2021 | 5 min read

There’s no doubt that we have all enjoyed the convenience of adding something to our basket on Amazon and having it arrive on our doorstep less than 24 hours later. But as shopping has moved online, something has been lost from the experience.

s3 Advertising on why marketers needs to be on Pinterest and how they can leverage the channel to maximise sales.

s3 Advertising on why marketers need to be on Pinterest and how they can leverage the channel to maximize sales

The online experience is scroll, click and add to cart. But as shoppers, we want so much more. We want to explore other possibilities without feeling overwhelmed. We want to try stuff on, not just read reviews. We want to browse, not just buy.

The pandemic has changed the way we shop online, and with the closure of non-essential retail for most of us, it’s made us crave the in-store experience that we’re used to. Browsing, window shopping, trying items on, never knowing what you could end up with – buying was spontaneous, and it was this spontaneity that was the fun part of shopping.

Side note: is reading this making you want to run to your nearest high street? Yep, me too.

This is the experience that Pinterest has built on their platform with Dan Lurie, Head of Growth and Shopping, saying that they want Pinterest to get users to go from ‘I’m just looking’ to ‘I’ve bought it’ seamlessly.

With Pinterest bringing all the best parts of shopping offline online, you can see why the channel attracts 450 million monthly active users (or pinners, if we’re going to use the official lingo), and all these users are doing more shopping than ever before.

That’s where our Digital and Social teams come in – innovating our strategies to meet shoppers on their journey.

Unlike Google, where users often know the brand they’re looking for, Pinterest users start searching and saving ideas before they’re ready to purchase. This means Pinterest provides an opportunity to place your brand in front of their faces in the planning stage, so we can influence them in their later purchasing stage. In fact, 61% of pinners in the UK have gone on to make a purchase as a result of seeing branded content.

In short, Pinterest is the platform for getting your brand noticed by people who haven’t even heard of you yet – high ‘Where the Little Bite Big’ energy by Pinterest here, kudos.

91% of beauty searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning pinners are primed for new product discovery. A case study from IT Cosmetics showed that by using Digital Advertising on Pinterest it achieved a 5x higher ROAS and was 89% more cost-efficient in driving traffic than any other platforms – with similar statistics shown across the board in industries such as interior, home improvement, fitness and finance.

Social content executive Lauren Dutson says: “By placing the product in front of the consumer’s eyes before they’ve even decided what brand they want to buy from yet, Pinterest provides companies with a huge advantage over their competitors.

“Whether that’s paid for digital advertising or posting organically, getting your brand’s content pinned to a user’s board is a massive step for brand awareness with a proven link to sales. Challenger brands, we see you.”

Digital account manager Gareth Pitt adds: “If you look at your curated Pinterest feed it will contain both organic and paid pins but, unlike other platforms, the ads are not your average shouty ad. They expertly blend in with the organic pins so they’re not intrusive, meaning that users are able to discover brands when they see something they like and not because it’s been labelled ‘AD’.”

So, I guess the only question left is... Why aren’t you on Pinterest yet?

Talk to our New Business team about how S3 Advertising can help your brand use Pinterest to grow brand awareness and sales.


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