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Can social networks harness the power of positivity in 2021?

The Drum Social is a weekly column from The Drum’s social media executive Amy Houston covering the latest social media trends, strategies and insights. Follow Amy @AmyCLHouston and join in the conversation #TheDrumSocial

This week, The Drum's social media executive Amy Houston considers efforts from social platforms to promote the educational, informative and wholesome sides of the web.

Social is the middle child of marketing – crying out for attention, often blamed and occasionally overlooked. But for all its downfalls, there is so much positivity to be found on social platforms. You don’t have to search far to find a story about long-lost relatives reconnecting, small organizations going viral or a Crowdfunder reaching its target.

Communities are a huge part of the online landscape. Throughout my own career the support from fellow social media managers on Twitter, most of whom I have never met, has been so impactful. Knowing that there are like-minded people you can turn to for advice is comforting. It’s something that has become even more important over the past year due to the global pandemic and adjusting to the new way of working. Online groups connect and support people – from mental wellbeing, fitness goals, or even cooking inspiration.

Many major global movements have stemmed from these small social media communities. One of the most notable of recent times has been Greta Thunberg’s ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’. After her initial protest in August 2018, Greta’s efforts to raise awareness around climate change have garnered the attention of the world – no mean feat and likely impossible if not for social media.

The internet is an amazing tool for accessing an abundance of information on all kinds of topics. With education moving primarily online this year it seems that the social platforms are stepping up their learning game too. Recently LinkedIn has launched a new education platform called LinkedIn Marketing Labs. This free training course lets you experiment with different tools, learn about strategies and engage with professionals through a whole host of curated courses.

With many businesses having to close their physical doors recently the support for smaller brands across social has been wonderful to see. TikTok has leaned into this by launching a resource center for small business marketers. This new guide is filled with webinars, creative tools, and case studies, with an emphasis on driving brand awareness.

Social media gets a bad – occasionally deserved – rep but it can be a lively, creative and informative place too. The interesting part will be seeing how it continues to evolve in our ever-changing world.

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