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The 2021 eCommerce calendar: what are the most important dates for this year?

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With 2020 (thankfully) well behind us and after a hectic holiday season for e-commerce; January is the time to start looking forward and begin prepping for the rest of 2021. With that in mind, Channable​ has created a ​2021 e-commerce calendar​ to ensure that you’re aware of the most important dates for your ecommerce business in the upcoming year.

What does the Channable 2021 e-commerce calendar consist of?

Within the Channable 2021 e-commerce calendar, you will find valuable information, popular retail trends, and tips for the various events that are integral to the success of your business. You can use the insights from the calendar to enrich and refine your business’ e-commerce strategy for 2021.

An example of the essential tips you’ll find within the ​2021 E-commerce Calendar​ is the dates when you should confirm your various marketing strategies. Did you know that many of the biggest retailers will finalize their marketing strategy for Black Friday in June at the latest? In fact, it’s very common for the entire year’s marketing strategy to be prepared in December of the previous year. So now’s the time to get planning!

What are the most important dates for retail in e-commerce?

Though the most important dates for retail seem obvious - Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas & New Year’s, etc. - there are countless other dates and trends in the 2021 E-commerce Calendar you can take advantage of. Especially if you are looking to adopt a multiregional marketing strategy or want an idea for a last-minute, flash-sale to increase traffic and transactions on your webshop.

One very popular retail trend that may not sound that… alluring… occurs in April. “Tax-themed” items such as pens, pencils, folders, calculators; basically general stationery are hugely popular. Why? March 31st is the end of the fiscal year for many companies which means taxes. Fun, I know. This inspires many to restock their pencil cases in prep for their tax return and the profitable year ahead.

You can find many lesser-known but profitable tips and trends like this in the calendar.

Download the Channable 2021 eCommerce Calendar now

The ​Channable 2021 e-commerce calendar​ is FREE to download right now on the Channable website. ​Download today​.

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