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The weirdest thing I saw at SXSW this year: the sushi singularity

Nigel Gwilliam talks about the sushi’s singilarity from SXSW: pictures by FJ Morgan

If you want to Keep Austin Weird, you just have to keep inviting the Japanese.

Right next to the breastfeeding kit for men (complete with app) was Japanese company Open Meal and their nutritionally personalised, 3D printed Sushi.

In its own right, the end form has an alien beauty with only the lightest touch of skeumorphism. New shrimp nigiri has only the barest trace of the anatomical to it. A traditional Uni or Sea Urchin roll is translated into a spiny orange and white cuboid. Incidentally, for those of you thinking you were eating sea urchin eggs, it’s actually their gonads.

“But what about the personalisation?”, I hear you cry. Well, simply provide a biological sample, a strand of hair, a vial of urine, for example and the Sushi Singularity will profile your nutritional needs to fortify the sushi with natural additives before it’s even printed. Need a protein hit, simply add powdered cricket to your incubated fish cell culture and away you go.

Sadly, I’m allergic to seafood.

Nigel Gwilliam is head of digtial for IPA (pictures by FJ Morgan)

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