Divine intelligence is your next business strategy

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We’ve seen a deepening fascination with mysticism in the mainstream during recent months. A look at our current conditions certainly gives some explanation as to why. We’re living in times of geopolitical upheaval, environmental degradation, and perpetual disruption. To cope with these uncertainties -- especially those stemming from Brexit, Trump, and rising extremism -- people are consulting esoteric arts like astrology and tarot. So much, in fact, that the global metaphysical services industry grew 2% to $2bn annually between 2011 and 2016. This return to pagan spirituality is a manifestation of Ancient Wisdom, a trend we track here at Sparks & Honey. As we’re finding solace in the metaphysics, it was only a matter of time before industries followed. We’re witnessing the beginning of what could be an era of Divine Intelligence, prediction and problem-solving rooted in mysticism.

What began as a resurgence of astrology memes and galaxy gimmicks has taken a curious turn, infiltrating business strategy and strategic foresight. These fields are leveraging new age frameworks to tackle wicked problems involving ethics and future-proofing. We recognize this growing pursuit of supernatural insight as the trend of Perceptual Diversity, learning from different ways of perceiving across modalities and belief systems. Instead of relying solely on empirical sciences, people are seeking intuitive philosophies for answers.

A clear example is Aliza Rose, the self-proclaimed “badass business intuitive.” She recognized the startup industry’s need for straightforward business insight powered by mysticism, ancient wisdom, and modern technology. Her clientele are female startup founders seeking both strategy-oriented and spiritual guidance. Blending intuition, tarot, and more, she helps them grow their businesses in “soul-nourishing” ways. In theory, occult services can be purposed for not only self-care, but also business development.

Similarly, Artefact is leveraging occult wisdom to right the wrongs of Silicon Valley. The design firm invented The Tarot Cards of Tech, a workshop tool fashioned after fortune-telling tarot cards. Featuring relatable personas and reversed meanings, the cards prompt developers to consider tough design scenarios more systemically. A more conscientious approach is sorely needed in Tech, an industry now scrutinized for its failure to adequately safeguard end users.

Some believe metaphysics could also offer a leg up in the cryptocurrency industry. Astrologists and superstitious traders have contributed to speculation around bitcoin’s fate. Merriman Market Analyst uses astrology to provide traders with market timing services, while astrologist Ekaterina Vasyanova’s approach fuses astrology, quantum physics, and bitcoin’s annual cycles. They lean on a study of the cosmos, believed to be highly-predictive and cast a “big net focus” on themes unfolding in real-time. For this reason, cryptocurrency trader Raki Brown remains a huge proponent, “Astrology to me is like alchemy was before it became chemistry due to the scientific method being applied.” It could very well be a case of mistaken identity; science discounted as magic.

While esoteric practices remain fringe, they reflect our cultural moment. Leveraging supernatural tools for practical ends actually has deep roots in the human sciences. Magical stones/amulets once filled medieval physicians’ toolstacks and ruling classes used tarot ideology to “gamify” civilization-building. Today’s magic-wielding professionals harken back to those times of actively working with divine elements. We know this integrative approach as Life Logic, leveraging the interconnected ecosystem of life.

Harnessing Divine Intelligence could benefit today’s thinkers and tinkerers. For one, the metaphysics are believed to have innate predictive and future-proofing capabilities. Mysticism also exhibits the openness and imaginativeness needed for collaboration. Theory states these practices exceed our linear thinking and offer perspectives that inspire new avenues of problem-solving. As we’ve grown comfortable wielding Human Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and now Artificial Intelligence, it wouldn’t be surprising if the next frontier were Divine Intelligence.

Feel empowered to use horoscopes as brainstorm ice-breakers. Be emboldened to consult the tarot on creative hunches, and suspend any disbelief to expand your horizons. We can ALL benefit from tapping into our right brain: our intuition and our empathy. For too long, organizations have relied on outmoded stats/figures; training the intuition right out of us. Divine Intelligence could reunite us with the gut instincts that ultimately separate the disruptors from the disrupted.

If nothing else, anything and everything is possible. We’ll have to see what’s in the cards.

Amirah Cisse is a culture strategist at Sparks & Honey.

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