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Think Jam's seven entertainment marketing predictions to shape your strategy in 2017

By Daniel Robey | CEO and founder

Think Jam


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December 21, 2016 | 6 min read

2016 has been a big year for marketers and the level of innovations in our sector show no sign of slowing down. The mobile phone became a broadcasting device, social media platforms became further embedded into our daily lives, personalisation became an advertising standard, the influencer scene exploded and VR is without a doubt here to stay.

Think Jam

Navigating this ever-changing, creative environment requires forward thinking and analysis. So, what does 2017 have in store for entertainment marketers? Covering themes including Live, VR, adblocking and influencer marketing, some of the bright minds at ThinkJam have pulled together seven big predictions for the industry in 2017.


Virtual Reality: Adrienne Alexander, producer

“PlayStation’s immersive VR experiences and Google’s passive VR content will become the norm.”

Since the PlayStation VR and Google Daydream launched, we have seen two clearly defined types of VR emerge - interactive and passive. The PSVR headset has provided a huge step towards immersive gaming experiences, which can be achieved at high quality at home, transporting people to the gaming world. With the Google Daydream now available and an exploding market of mobile phone compatible display devices in 2016, we are going to see more casual creation and consumption of passive VR content as more users gain access to this portable and affordable format.

Think Jam

Social Media - Teague Emery, director of social media

"If your campaign doesn’t have a live strategy in 2017, you might get left behind."

2017 will be the year of live-streamed campaign content. Over the past 12 months, we have seen huge strides towards live marketing in social media, however, there’s still a long way to go in terms of it becoming the “norm” for a campaign. Snapchat will most likely launch new tools for Live Stories to enhance their offering and Facebook now offers monetary value towards client campaigns for using ‘Live’, as well as having just launched their first 360 live-stream with National Geographic, to compete with YouTube. Alongside this is the launch and growth of Instagram Stories and Twitter’s partnership deals to live stream games and matches. If your campaign doesn’t have a live strategy in 2017, you might get left behind.

Sami Westwood

3. Influencer Marketing - Sami Westwood, publicity & partnerships director

“Pricing models for influencer campaigns will shift to an engagement led model.”

2016 saw influencer marketing explode and we predict continued growth, but a shift in direction throughout 2017. As analytics for platforms give greater visibility on the audiences reached, this will enable smaller, more targeted influencers to be embraced and there will be greater opportunities to explore social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In line with this, pricing models for influencer campaigns will shift to an engagement (as opposed to reach) led model.

Ellie Graham

Marketing & Publicity: Ellie Graham, publicity director

“VR will integrate seamlessly for interactive teaser experiences and promos.”

With VR tech becoming more and more affordable and accessible, we're hoping to see seamless integration into campaigns, with immersive trailers, teaser experiences and interactive promos developed to elevate standard marketing and digital ads.

Mandy Rodgers

Publicity: Mandy Rodgers, publicity director

“Priority will be placed on creative to build momentum in-between shows.”

TV isn’t going away and 2017 will see continued popularity from the at home audience for broadcasters and streaming services. With the surge in viewers having moved towards binge or delayed watching habits for television, there will be a wider opportunity in 2017 to come up with creative outside of the traditional premiere/finale model. Social media habits and the second screen provide strong opportunity to take advantage of channels including Snapchat and Facebook Live and we will see priority placed on influencer activity and social content to engage the at home audience.

Rory Hallam

Digital Advertising: Rory Hallam, creative operations director

“We will see more relevant and responsible ad campaigns that put the consumer first.”

With 21.2% of British adults using adblockers in 2016, it's fair to say the industry has acknowledged that changes need to be made. With industry organisations such as The Coalition for Better Ads helping push the agenda, we will start to see real changes in 2017, as brands and agencies start listening more to what consumers want. This will help drive the next level of personalisation, delivering more creative, relevant and responsible ad campaigns that add tangible value to the consumer and improved ROI for brands.

Kat Carr

Video Creative: Kat Carr, art director, social & brand

“Vertical video and kinetic typography will be being pushed to new levels to compensate for no audio.”

To ensure that creative remains thumb-stopping in 2017, brands must ensure their audio free content is stand out. Subtitles don’t have to be white text at the bottom of the screen, they can be used to engage and take the AV to a new level. In addition to this, when combined with vertical video, the branded content embraces what is native for the platform and reaches the user in a personable manner, encouraging higher engagement. No more end cards and 1.5 minute clips anymore, we want short form video that grabs instantly and encourages screenshots and shares.

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