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Top 7 tips to utilize CTV as part of an omnichannel campaign



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October 19, 2023 | 5 min read

According to IAB Compass, two out of three UK households now use connected TV (CTV) devices, as audiences take a pick-and-mix approach to viewing across screens and services

According to IAB Compass, two out of three UK households now use connected TV (CTV) devices, as audiences take a pick-and-mix approach to viewing across screens and services. This fragmented media environment presents challenges for marketers as they calculate how and where to target ad spend, but it is also a very exciting time for brands looking to move into, or develop their presence, in the CTV space. Advertisers looking to embrace the opportunities that CTV presents need to seamlessly integrate it into a multi-channel strategy - but how?

We asked a selection of IAB UK members to share their insights into where CTV should sit within an omnichannel strategy, and how advertisers can leverage its capabilities to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

1. Adopt standards to scale CTV sustainably

Sara Vincent, (managing director UK, Index Exchange): “To effectively scale CTV, marketers must embrace collaboration, adopt standards like OpenRTB 2.6, and work closely with partners that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable ecosystem. Media buyers are looking for the same inventory transparency they receive from linear TV in terms of where their ads are being placed.

"OpenRTB 2.6 addresses these concerns by enhancing transparency in ad pod positioning, minimizing duplication, optimizing targeting, and enabling marketers to maximize their media investments. Along with added efficiency, these features also improve sustainability in the supply chain by drastically reducing computing power and ultimately, carbon emissions.”

2. Cross-channel frequency capping is key

Philip Acton, (country manager UK, Adform): “While it’s not possible to serve personalized ads at scale on CTV just yet due to the siloed nature of its channel taxonomy, technology will change this. Solutions will soon be available that identify users and reactions to content, while data will determine the best times to advertise to reach peak audiences.

"Once measurement and IDs become the norm on CTV, cross-channel frequency capping and integrated brand and performance campaigns will soon be widespread. Coupled with the sharp growth of interest in CTV this year, the path is open to it becoming the linchpin of an omnichannel approach.”

3. Use the right data to stay ahead of the curve

Sophie Lee, (sales director, Quantcast): “In today’s digital marketing landscape, single-channel advertising isn’t effective. Instead of focusing on either CTV, OTT or digital, successful campaigns engage audiences throughout the entire marketing journey with ads across channels, based on where and how their audiences spend their time.

"Savvy marketers are making the most of emerging opportunities by diversifying their ad spend with omnichannel activation. Today's audiences are constantly multitasking across media and marketers need to ensure they reach their potential consumers at the right place and time. Having the right data to understand this behaviour is crucial to staying ahead of the curve.”

4. Reach captive audiences on all screens

Alexandra Ong, (business development director, CTV, Magnite): “Today’s audiences are more connected and more active across different screens and streams than ever before. CTV plays a vital role in an omnichannel campaign; Magnite’s latest research shows it’s now the most-watched form of television in the EU5 (78%), and people choose to watch with ads. We know that a massive 72% of ad-supported streamers who are exposed to brands across multiple devices are more likely to make a purchase. Brands that include CTV in their campaigns have an excellent opportunity to reach captive audiences on all screens.”

5. Consistent messaging across touchpoints

DJ Agahi, (managing director, Sabio): “Advertisers should incorporate CTV into their omnichannel strategies to harness the power of precise targeting, scalable tracking, and unified budgeting for greater ROIs across all channels. Extending CTV's awareness capabilities with customized messages - aligned with cross-channel touchpoints - delivers a more consistent and impactful messaging that deeply resonates with audiences.

"Leveraging CTV data insights further enhances the strategy - guiding planning, activation, and cross-channel optimizations. CTV serves as the catalyst for elevating advertisers’ entire omnichannel approach, and creates meaningful connections in today's ever-evolving advertising landscape.”

6. Adopt a ‘total video’ strategy

Jaidev Kakar (director, advertiser solutions CTV / OTT (EMEA), Pubmatic): “The role of CTV is no different to TV – it’s the same screen, watched at home. However, CTV allows advertisers to reach a vast and diverse audience that extends beyond traditional television viewership and measure performance differently. Unlike traditional TV advertising, which relies on broad demographic segmentation, CTV enables marketers to leverage advanced data analytics and audience insights.

"From an omnichannel perspective, marketers should include CTV as part of a ‘total video’ strategy, i.e. create synergy between all channels on which your video ads run optimizing the performance of each based on screen size, attention, and campaign goals.“

7. Harness new formats

Stefanie Briec, (director, head of demand sales UK & international, AudienceXpress): “Over half of premium video ad views in Europe now take place on the big screen according to FreeWheel’s Video Marketplace Report. CTV should be part of every omnichannel campaign as it unites the best of big screen viewing and digital (targeting) capabilities. It lets brands connect with viewers in many different ways and reach audiences through addressability.

"With the emergence of new ad formats - such as L-banners or interactive ads for instance - CTV provides many opportunities for marketers to take consumers along the funnel, from brand awareness to conversion.”

Omnichannel CTV Digital


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