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TV Media Planning Guerillascope 2020 Round-up

6 lessons Guerillascope will take away from 2020



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January 21, 2021 | 4 min read

It was a year to forget in so many ways, yet sprinkled amongst the debris are shards of hope and positivity that point to a brighter future

Upon the backdrop of this most testing of periods it’s imperative that we take time to reflect, and apply the lessons learned to building back better.

Here’s what Guerillascope is taking away from 2020:

Faith in humanity

First and foremost, it’s important to recognise the compassion and resilience displayed by the UK public over the past year. From the pandemic to social activism: the strength, bravery and kindness that has been so evident across the country has in turn inspired others, creating a sense of togetherness that has proved invaluable as a coping mechanism.

Leadership has been on show down every street and in every square, bringing with it a renewed sense of community. We must build on this and use our businesses as vehicles for positive change.

Advertising demands responsibility

The role brands have played in keeping spirits up and minds calmed during extended periods of lockdown is something we must channel as an industry. We’ve had a crystal-clear reminder of advertising’s power and influence; now we must harness it responsibly to ensure we remain relevant and effective in this evolving narrative. And if you’re going to talk the talk, you must walk the walk – authentically, and with compassion for your fellow man.

We need to move on sustainably

There’s no getting around it: the pandemic and habitat destruction are intrinsically linked. As we deplete the earth of more natural resources and ensnare new land to harvest these materials, humans and wildlife are becoming increasingly intersected. This makes mankind more vulnerable to transmission – and as we’ve seen, the results can be catastrophic. But this goes beyond the virus: it’s about laying the foundations for a greener, better future. Cleaner air. Less plastic waste. The slowing of climate change. Our future depends on how we confront these challenges – which leads us on to…

The power of collaboration

Working from home’s ascent to national stardom will benefit both businesses and employees, but many people have also felt disconnected and directionless when faced with such isolation amid a crisis. At the start of the pandemic Guerillascope was – like many agencies – struggling to adapt to this sudden change. Yet by being proactive and working closely with our partners, we were able to reinvigorate the team and focus our energies on new projects such as SafeWorld19, a collaboration with OOhyes that sought to spread messages of love and positivity across the UK. This sharing of ideas, experience and skills has been great for our clients too.

Fortune favours the brave

Make no mistake: investing in your brand during a time of crisis takes courage. For some, it’s been an understandable struggle. However, we’ve seen through our own TV advertising activity how reaching out to customers during the pandemic has driven business results during hard times . Share of voice is critical in competitive markets, and the hesitation of others during the pandemic presented an opportunity for many of our clients.

By being bold and investing in their brands, they’ve stolen a march on their rivals as the first shoots of recovery begin to emerge. We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming new clients such as Mindful Chef, Swizzels and OTTY Mattresses into the Guerillascope family this past year; and with most of our existing brand partners confronting the pandemic head on, the resilience shown has been inspirational.

Remember what’s important

A business’s first responsibility, of course, should be to protect the people who make it a success. Fresh off being voted the best place to work in the UK advertising, media and marketing industries earlier in the year, our priority at the start of the pandemic was to ensure every member of our team was shielded from redundancy or furlough. This gave them peace of mind, and with peace of mind comes the ability to perform to your maximum. Your staff are your most important asset, a fact business decisions must always reflect.

TV Media Planning Guerillascope 2020 Round-up


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