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4 privacy questions brands should ask their location-based advertising partners

By Mary Layden



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April 16, 2024 | 4 min read

This article looks at how brands can ensure privacy-compliance in their location-based advertising campaigns.

In the world of digital advertising, data is king. And as brands navigate this data-driven environment, it’s vital that marketers can trust that their advertising partners are using safe, ethical, and privacy-compliant data for their campaigns. 

According to the Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study in 2023, 95% of respondents recognize privacy as a business necessity, up from 90% from the previous year. This is particularly true when working with location-based advertising platforms, which typically leverage complex datasets. Marketers must carefully select partners that not only provide effective advertising solutions but also prioritize consumer privacy and data security.

To help, we’ve compiled four key privacy questions you should be asking before selecting a location-based advertising platform for your business.

1. Is your platform GDPR compliant?

GDPR compliance is vital for advertising as it ensures legal adherence, protects user privacy, fosters trust, and enables global operations, while non-compliance can mean hefty fines, reputational damage, and loss of consumer trust. Essentially, GDPR compliance safeguards data, enhances brand integrity, and facilitates ethical advertising practices in a global digital landscape.

Founded in France, the birthplace of GDPR, Locala’s entire platform is built around GDPR law which encompasses all US privacy regulations. This ensures we can effectively reach consumers through location-based advertising while protecting their essential rights to privacy.

2. What is your data retention policy?

Understanding an advertising platform’s data retention policy is crucial as it ensures that sensitive information is handled responsibly, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and misuse. Ensuring your advertising partner has a strong data-retention policy will help aid in producing greater targeted campaign efficiency while minimizing liability and maintaining trust with consumers.

Locala's data retention policy strictly caps storage at six months in the US, aligning with industry best practices and prioritizing responsible data handling.

3. Does your platform require opt-in consent?

Platforms that prioritize opt-in consent ensure user privacy rights are respected and legal compliance is upheld, which in turn fosters trust and loyalty while mitigating risks associated with data misuse or unauthorized collection. Additionally, opt-in consent helps enhance targeting effectiveness by respecting consumer privacy rights, which leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Locala strictly adheres to the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) via IAB's TCF technology. This means we only collect and use data that is obtained by user’s consent with the sole aim of carrying out our customers' digital campaigns. We will never share or sell user’s data to third parties.

4. How does your platform handle sensitive locations?

Making sure that your advertising partner handles sensitive location data ethically and responsibly is essential to avoid inadvertently targeting sensitive locations and causing harm or offense to consumers. Doing so ensures respect for individuals' personal information and helps maintain trust.

At Locala, we adhere to the National Advertising Initiative’s Code of Conduct and precise location data ethical best practices, we do not use sensitive data or location data surrounding any sensitive locations.

Overall, asking these four questions before choosing a location-based advertising platform can provide significant benefits to brands. Partnering with a platform that prioritizes privacy protection and regulatory compliance not only reduces risks but also enhances brand reputation and consumer trust. At Locala, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of privacy and ethics in our advertising solutions, ensuring that our advertisers can achieve their goals effectively and responsibly.

To learn more about our data privacy compliance standards, visit our website.

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