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3 essential tips for improving mobile ad creative performance



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April 25, 2023 | 5 min read

By Ashley Hurwitz, senior content marketing manager, Kargo

By Ashley Hurwitz, senior content marketing manager, Kargo

In recent years, the mobile phone has transformed from a cutting-edge communication technology to an indispensable part of our daily lives. Think back to 2007 when the first iPhone was unveiled; who would have guessed that this digital "fad" would spread so swiftly to become an indispensable device we use daily?

As the demand for mobile phones has grown, the importance of mobile ads and the need for innovative ad creatives have also increased. Today, people worldwide spend over three hours a day on their phones.

Due to our strong attachment to these devices, mobile ads play a vital role in modern marketing strategies. To run a successful mobile ad campaign, brands must differentiate themselves and create unique creative solutions that stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Leveraging innovative ad tech capabilities for mobile ad creatives can help craft campaigns that capture users' attention and deliver better business outcomes.

Here are three proven mobile ad creative strategies that can drive campaign success.

1. Utilize video to engaged targeted audiences

Across the globe, individuals spend an average of 16 hours per week watching digital videos, with a significant portion being branded content. In fact, 54% of consumers express a desire for more videos from familiar and established brands. This presents a valuable opportunity for marketers to leverage video as a means to connect with potential and returning customers, enhancing brand loyalty.

The increasing value of video in marketing is evident, as traditional ads are losing their appeal. With its immersive visual storytelling, video creates an emotional bond between consumers and brands that transcends ordinary advertising. Marketers must tap into the advanced innovations of video to stay relevant. Video advertising employs visual storytelling to create a personal and emotional connection between consumers and brands. With greater creative possibilities, video allows potential consumers to understand your brand or product better, surpassing the limitations of static images and messaging.

2. Captivate your audience with interactive rich media ads

Thanks to cutting-edge ad technology, brands now have the opportunity to enhance their mobile campaign strategy with immersive rich media ads. The interactive capabilities of rich media ads capture users' attention as they scroll through their mobile feeds.

There are diverse ways to add interactivity to your mobile ad creative using rich media capabilities. For instance, you can incorporate a dynamic countdown format in a display ad to retarget users who have previously visited your website.

This countdown can create a sense of urgency by reminding consumers that a sale on a product they were interested in is ending soon or that a product has limited availability. The dynamic countdown in your mobile ad creative instantly grabs attention and encourages action.

Rich media ads provide an engaging user experience, and leveraging them in your mobile ad creative can result in higher interaction rates, increased conversions, click-throughs, and view rates. Take advantage of the power of rich media to captivate your audience and drive better performance for your mobile campaigns.

3. Drive action with interactive shoppable ads

Shoppable ad units offer an innovative way for users to make purchases directly through the ad format they are served. For instance, shoppable video ads not only showcase products but also allow your audience to browse and shop within the banner itself.

Leveraging this feature in your mobile ad creative enables users to seamlessly visit a product page and purchase with just one click, providing a frictionless shopping experience. This streamlined process can lead to higher conversions and increased engagement.

One of the key advantages of shoppable ad units is the ability to collapse the purchase funnel by combining high-impact formats, interactive ad technologies, and exclusive placements across various devices and content environments. By leveraging the right combination, you can effectively target your audience at every stage of their purchase journey, maximizing the impact of your advertising efforts.

Start optimizing your mobile ad campaigns

Start your journey to optimize your mobile ad campaigns and unlock their full potential.

Enhance your mobile ad campaigns with video to foster a deeper personal connection with your brand. Incorporate rich media capabilities and shoppable ad units to captivate your audience's attention.

Interested in discovering how Kargo utilizes creative science to optimize our ad creatives? Let's chat.

Video Ads Mobile Advertising Creative


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