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Best Ads of the Week: Figs’ nod to nursing & a European elections voting ad


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

May 8, 2024 | 10 min read

There’s also PG Tips’ first campaign in nearly a decade and a hilarious trio of Mike’s Hard Lemonade spots.

EU Elections 2024 ad

A documentary-style ad emphasize the importance of using your vote

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This week, launched an incredibly catchy new jingle, Lynx released two hilarious commercials and Erling Haaland partnered with Clash of Clans.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade: Hard Days Deserve A Hard Lemonade by VCCP

Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a spiked fruit juice brand and vanguard of the flavored malt beverage (FMB) category, is ringing in its 25th anniversary with a hilarious ad campaign. Created in partnership with the ad agency VCCP, the creative seeks to remind the nation that ‘Hard Days Deserve A Hard Lemonade,’ as its title suggests, via three 30-second spots: ‘Mascot,’ ‘Delivery’ and ‘Firefighter.’

Each of the commercials follows a similar scenario: a tired worker walks into a liquor store, where two men question whether or not their day was “hard enough” to warrant the purchase of a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. In ‘Delivery,’ for example, the two men working the liquor store ask about a delivery man’s arduous day, during which he was viciously chased down by what appears to be a toy border collie.

PG Tips: It’s Not Just Tea. It’s Progress by Calling

PG Tips hasn’t been on TV screens in almost a decade, but this week it’s back with a fresh approach, a new agency and some top talent, including Ashley Walters and Sir Steve McQueen.

What makes this ad brilliant is the total revamp of the brand and the modern approach to a pretty traditional and conventional sector. It’s the work of London indie shop Calling, which has created a powerful story of overcoming self-doubt and finding inner courage. There’s a lot to love about this ad, but primarily, it’s the message of sitting down with a cup of tea and having a chat with yourself that makes it so strong. Using the product to start important conversations is clever and widely recognizable. Think about it: how often have you been offered some tea while discussing important issues? It’s relatable. Just Used Confused by Leo Burnett has revealed its new brand position, ‘Just used, ’ which utilizes catchy whistling to grab attention. Cleverly, the jingle is a bona fide earworm, making this new approach memorable and fun. It’s the debut campaign from ad agency Leo Burnett, which has infused the brand with a healthy dose of humor and originality. From the father of a bride giving a wedding speech to a referee who can’t be flustered and hundreds of commuters packed on to a train platform, the spot builds up to a crescendo. The ad has a sense of collaboration, almost as if the whole nation is joining in with the whistle.

In a sector often characterized by dry and mundane advertising, the charismatic spot offers a breath of fresh air to viewers. It modernizes how insurance is marketed, injecting much-needed energy and excitement by reimagining the brand’s position. The combination of humor and originality is a bold move and one that is bound to be memorable for a wide-ranging audience of potential

Clash of Clans x Erling Haaland: Haaland for the Win

Clash of Clans is one of the world’s most popular games, having been downloaded over 2bn times. Now, soccer legend Erling Haaland is set to become the famous ‘Barbarian King’ within it. The partnership is brilliant because it’s unexpected, with many football and gaming fans discussing the news online, enhancing the brand’s visibility and reach. But what makes it even more clever is that the Manchester United player is truly a fan of the game.

Apparently, Haaland has already built an impressive in-game village that he’s defended from rival clans. Players can now try to defeat this, which adds another immersive aspect to the campaign. Additionally, the cinematic ad is dramatic and engaging. The spot adopts an action-movie style and even comes with a unique ‘Haaland’ soundtrack that gets stuck in your head.

Lynx: The Power of a Fragrance by Lola-MullenLowe

Lynx (Axe in the US) is capitalizing on the rise of dark humor with two new ads as part of its ‘The Power of a Fragrance’ campaign. The premise of both is seemingly straightforward: a funeral and a robbery gone awry, but the tone sets them apart. The writing is quick-witted and dry, infused with slightly uncomfortable yet captivating visuals.

For a deodorant brand, both ads are daring and stand out among a saturated market while still playing into the tried and tested approach that Lynx has taken over the years – that its body spray will increase your attraction level. It would have been easy for Lynx to fall into typical advertising tropes that rely on aspirational imagery, but this approach seems a bit more risky – and rewarding – for the brand.

Figs: I Am a Nurse

Amid a marketing milieu where celebrities dominate billboards and glossy ads, one brand dares to spotlight the true heroes among us. Figs, a medical apparel brand known for supporting healthcare professionals, is launching a new campaign coinciding with Nurses Week, a time to appreciate nurses for all they do.

‘I Am a Nurse’ celebrates these unsung heroes, who do much more than just “give Tylenol,” as the hero spot states. The stars of the ad comprise 11 RNs, each with their own story, specialty and background. Among them are Taniqua M, a travel nurse driven by personal experiences, Jake G, a neuro progressive care unit nurse and advocate for work-life balance, and Tawanda S, a geriatric nurse whose professional journey was born out of familial necessity.

A Message to My Grandchild by &Co

A hard-hitting and emotionally charged documentary-style ad has been released to press home the importance of Europeans voting in the forthcoming European Elections in June. ‘A Message to My Grandchild’ was created by Copenhagen-based creative agency &Co and aims to emphasize the importance of using your vote and the consequences of not making your voice heard at election time.

The documentary features grandparents and grandchildren from across Europe and captures authentic and unscripted moments between the different generations. Older citizens share their life stories, some living with democracy and others without, enabling them to extend their important message to their grandchildren and, in turn, to the rest of Europe. The ad comes after less than half of the electorate turned out in the 2019 European Elections.

KFC: KFC’s New Ultimate BBQ Burger by Mother

Looking forward to a summer filled with lots of outdoor activities? Of course you are. Sadly, though, if you live in a rainy country, that doesn’t always pan out. The reality is that many places are experiencing more rain than ever, which means that lounging in the sunshine can be curtailed by downpours.

Not to worry – KFC is bringing the taste of BBQ season to you. In its recent ad from Mother, the fast food chain cleverly elevates a common reality in a joyous film that celebrates different weather conditions. It brilliantly champions the inner pleasure of a great BBQ burger, come rain or ... rain. The overall aesthetic of the dancing spot is great because the energetic demeanor of the protagonist, who is strutting down the street with her food in hand, contrasts with the gloomy weather. It also puts the product at its heart without being overtly in your face.

Just Eat: The Joy in Everyday by McCann London

When you think of a Just Eat ad, what’s the first that comes to mind? I’d say a big-name celebrity spot, maybe Snoop Dogg or Katy Perry, with that ever-present earworm of a jingle. Did somebody say… But back at the start of March this year, the food delivery service did something a little bit unexpected and a little bit brilliant. Hoping to position itself as ‘more than just a weekend treat,’ the app introduced a whole host of furry new brand mascots.

These characters include a family of squirrels, student rabbits, a suburban beaver, an otter couple and city-living moles, each in relatable situations. That’s all very sweet, but what is so striking about this campaign is the level of craft that shines through in bucket loads. The puppets are the handiwork of Andy Gent (Wes Anderson’s puppet maker), while direction came from Tim McNaughton of The Bobbsey Twins.

Pepsi: Where There’s a Ball, There’s a Way by Copa90

A cinematic global ad campaign from Pepsi, launched on Monday, sees football stars from across the globe convene for a good old-fashioned game of street footy. Developed in partnership with Copa90, a football-focused media firm headquartered in London, the two-minute film is fronted by Manchester City star Jack Grealish, Real Madrid forward Vini Jr, Tottenham Hotspur captain Son Heung-min and England women’s national team captain Leah Williamson.

In the high-energy spot, the athletes challenge a group of locals to a classic game of ‘don’t let the ball touch the ground.’ The stakes? Whoever drops the ball buys a Pepsi for the others. The group juggles the ball dramatically as crowds of bystanders assemble to cheer them on against the backdrop of the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, where the 2024 Uefa Champions League final will be played on June 1.

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