By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

April 29, 2024 | 2 min read

Even though many have had a rainy start to the warmer seasons, KFC still wants people to enjoy the taste of BBQ. For that, we’re giving it our Ad of the Day.

Looking forward to a summer filled with lots of outdoor activities? Of course you are. Sadly, though, if you live in a rainy country, that doesn’t always pan out. The reality is that many places are experiencing more rain than ever, which means that lounging in the sunshine can be curtailed by downpours.

Not to worry – KFC is bringing the taste of BBQ season to you. In its recent ad from Mother, the fast food chain is cleverly elevating a common reality in a joyous film that celebrates different weather conditions. It brilliantly champions the inner pleasure of a great BBQ burger, come rain or ... rain.

The overall aesthetic of the dancing spot is great because the energetic demeanor of the protagonist, who is strutting down the street with her food in hand, contrasts with the gloomy weather. It puts the product at its heart, too, without being overtly in your face.

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