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Elevate your brand with data-driven digital OOH advertising in APAC

By Ian Darby, journalist

February 27, 2024 | 9 min read

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The integration of programmatic technology with digital signage is unlocking a wealth of new opportunities to marketers in the APAC region.

The Drum x Vistar Media's 'APAC Marketer’s Guide to Programmatic DOOH'

The Drum x Vistar Media's 'Programmatic Out-of-home: What APAC Marketers Need to Know'

These are exciting times for the out-of-home industry across the APAC region. A series of investments in the medium across key markets has energized interest in digital out-of-home (DOOH) like never before. In 2024, advertisers have the chance to connect seamlessly across borders and access the full marketplace with data-led campaign strategies. 

The scale available to advertisers is expanding rapidly. The size of the total APAC DOOH market reached $17.14 bn in 2023, and is expected to pass $30 bn by 2028. Within this picture of growth, the big future prediction for the medium is that programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) will be a significant driver of new solutions for advertisers; growing by 65% annually in Australia, and 100%+ in New Zealand.

To help brands maximize the strong potential of programmatic DOOH advertising across APAC, The Drum has partnered with Vistar Media to create 'Programmatic Out-of-home: What APAC Marketers Need to Know' – a new report that offers fresh insight for marketers on all that’s happening in the sector.

It soon becomes apparent that programmatic DOOH is offering brands the means to deliver data-driven creative, enhance their retargeting of audiences, and apply robust measurement standards based on location and advanced analytics.

“The idea that we have data to determine who we are targeting, where to engage and what is the right message are the key drivers of programmatic DOOH,” says John Ng, the Singapore-based former managing director of Gov@Publicis. “In other words, we are better able to account for where we spend our budgets and incur less wastage by being held to a specific location at 100% share of voice, 24/7, when our audiences are on the move and are multi-screening.”

The era of programmatic efficiency

Paramount among the benefits for advertisers is the ability of programmatic technology to deliver higher levels of efficiency and robust targeting, enabling data-driven decisions to be made around DOOH spending. This includes setting bidding parameters for OOH inventory against certain decisions (from audience demographics to location and environment). For example, an ice cream company can increase its budget to reach consumers at specific retail locations on warmer days versus the remainder of their buys.

Programmatic DOOH is also offering advertisers new addressable, holistic opportunities as part of an integrated role in the marketing mix.

“We’re able to provide audience targeting in line with that seen on digital platforms, making DOOH a mid-funnel solution complementing a top-of-funnel approach,” says Franck Vidal, Vistar Media’s director of Southeast Asia sales & partnerships. “And the holistic vision – think in terms of audience, environment, moments and ensuring that advertisers have the right assets in front of a moving audience.” 

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Big DOOH questions answered

The rapid growth of programmatic DOOH across the APAC region is raising many questions from marketers, especially related to its role across the marketing funnel and as part of omnichannel plans – which the report seeks to address, including:

How challenging are programmatic DOOH campaigns to plan and execute?

The ability to consolidate all media owners into one platform allows for a simplified and more efficient way to plan and buy without the need to brief multiple media owners for one campaign.

What's available here in terms of measurement of ROI?

The wide range of powerful measurement options available for DOOH allows advertisers to calculate the impact of a campaign, from brand studies to foot traffic tracking, online conversion statistics to sales life measurement gauges.

How does programmatic DOOH provide new creative opportunities?

Taking context into account, a DOOH ad could run on a wide variety of screens – all of which can have an impact on the audience viewing an ad and how they perceive the products being shown. From health-conscious consumers viewing an ad on a gym TV to upscale shoppers seeing one inside a luxury mall, knowing who, where and when someone will see an ad allows advertisers to build targeted messages into their creative that are supported by the ad’s physical surroundings.

The answers to these questions point the way towards marketers developing successful programmatic DOOH strategies that maximize the potential of the huge and optimized inventory that's now available.

To discover more, download The APAC Marketer’s Guide to Programmatic DOOH here.

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