By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

February 7, 2024 | 2 min read

The corporation’s in-house team, BBC Creative, reminds us it does more than TV. Heartbreaking football news is also on the menu.

The BBC has released a tactical ad to promote its offerings to viewers, doubling down on the message that it doesn’t just provide telly but a whole host of other outlets, such as sports.

Following the news that German football manager Jurgen Klopp will be leaving Liverpool FC after eight years at Anfield, the team at BBC has capitalized on the interest surrounding the move in its latest ad.

Set in a busy hospital, medical staff frantically check their phones as notifications ping loudly. Looking at each other in shock, it’s apparent something newsworthy is going on.

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Panic begins to ensue as workers glance in disbelief at what they are reading: Jurgen Klopp to step down as Liverpool manager.

“No,” solemnly mutters someone as the spot ends dramatically.

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