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Marketers at CES 2024 predict AI evolution, ad renaissance & more to come in the new year


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

January 12, 2024 | 5 min read

CES 2024 delivered innumerable groundbreaking concepts that left attendees eagerly anticipating the future. Sensing the pulse of innovation, The Drum seized ask marketing luminaries on the ground for their bold industry predictions for 2024.

a man in a suit with a crystal ball

Marketers at CES provide a crystal ball into the industry's future / Credit: Adobe Stock

CES 2024 wasn’t just a cornucopia of cutting-edge gizmos and gadgets; it was a fascinating glimpse into the future of marketing and its sibling industries.

Marketing maestros at the event share their forecasts that will shape the industry in the coming year, from data and privacy to brand safety.

Michael Kassan, chief executive officer, MediaLink

“Advertising will enjoy its most potent Renaissance. Everyone is getting into the ad business – retailers, streamers, delivery apps, creators, rideshare companies, grocery stores, even the Las Vegas sphere. This expanding group means more complexity but also a bigger brain trust to tackle persistent challenges like privacy-safe data, AI, brand safety, measurement and currency.”

Kate Richling, chief marketing officer, Media.Monks:

“As more and more brands fit AI into their workflows, I expect to see the role of the CMO evolve over the course of 2024. For many brands, marketing is the first area disrupted by AI, and we’ll see CMOs and their teams build on that experience by identifying opportunities elsewhere in the organization, prompting marketing-led business transformation that will unlock new growth opportunities along the way.”

Amy Carvajal, chief creative officer, Code and Theory

“AI is going to continue to play a big part of creativity in marketing, but it’s going to undergo a major shift. Social responsibility around source materials will start to play an important role. Audiences will start to care more about credit, compensation and creators which will cause a tonal shift in how marketing shows up when generative AI is used. Brands will need to start to incorporate their social responsibility because the use of AI is only going to get bigger and more common. It’s going to be interesting how we continue to open imaginative and creative possibilities leveraging AI as a multiplier while also incorporating the unique inputs, overcoming biases and creating the guardrails the way only humans can.”

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Esther Raphael, chief marketing officer, Intersection:

“Facing increased digital privacy regulations, it’s harder to create personal connections with consumers and 2024 will usher in personalization 2.0. As marketers, we’ll have to get more clever and less intrusive, it will be about eliciting reactions, providing connection, and utility. For example, this can take a literal approach in public spaces by pairing audience and location, allowing a brand to connect with a consumer's mood, immediate surroundings, and time of day. With out of home media, we know where your audience is, and can make predictions about their mindset.”

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