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Redefining frontiers: the intersection of AI and progressive product development in adtech


By Gulab Patil, founder and chief executive officer

January 11, 2024 | 5 min read

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Lemma’s founder and CEO Gulab Patil explores how AI is reshaping product development within the programmatic adtech sector and why seamless integration into day-to-day operations, product development and other processes, is key to unlocking omnichannel programmatic success.

AI, coupled with expert human minds, propels innovation in adtech

AI, coupled with expert human minds, propels innovation in adtech

Artificial intelligence (AI) paired with top-notch human brains is driving massive innovation in the adtech space. From automating processes to accelerating product development and building self-serve capabilities, there’s no denying that AI is making a significant and positive impact; all we need is the right intent to train it further.

In the ever-evolving landscape of adtech, AI is radically transforming the traditional paradigms of product development. In essence, it is a strategic force that enables adtech players to analyze various requirements, identify trends, and iterate with remarkable precision, assisting in the application of numerous techniques to increase system performance and create error-free products.

We see this revolutionary strategy shortening the lifecycle of products, to ensure that there’s the right balance between satisfying market demands, while also actively creating the future of advertising technology.

Advancing programmatic

While programmatic technology is already quite advanced, there’s even greater potential to leverage machine learning algorithms to ensure it continues to evolve dynamically, adapting to the ever-changing nuances of the advertising landscape. In doing so, this not only heightens the efficiency of platforms but also elevates the overall user experience by delivering more relevant and impactful advertisements.

Consider the Lemma platform, for example, we are working on refining ad capabilities in the emerging media space. Through machine learning algorithms, the platform analyzes historical data on user interactions with ads. If the data reveals that users from a specific demographic or geographic location respond more favorably to certain types of ads, the product development team can enhance targeting parameters to optimize ad delivery for that audience.

It's this kind of data-driven approach that will ensure programmatic continues to evolve dynamically to deliver more personalized and relevant advertisements to the person received them.

Marrying AI and operations

With a more streamlined approach, driven by AI insights, advertisers and publishers are empowered to navigate and manage campaigns seamlessly, fostering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The result is an ecosystem that promotes autonomy, transparency, and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

By marrying AI and operational frameworks, I see great potential to significantly propel product development. The introduction of self-serve platforms, for example, is driven by a dual ambition: to enhance user autonomy and to create a more transparent marketplace.

An open and self-serve platform, bolstered by the capabilities of AI, can seamlessly link supply and demand. This intelligent automation provided by AI ensures that this connection is not only efficient but also transparent, fostering a dynamic and equitable advertising environment for all participants.

The future experience

With all of this and further enhancements on the horizon in 2024, we expect advertisers to benefit from significantly elevated campaign delivery. AI-driven optimizations will ensure not just efficient targeting but also streamlined delivery, maximizing the impact of each campaign.

By adopting a self-serve approach, we can also anticipate a more intuitive and user-friendly experience – so it will be vital for advertisers to look for an enhanced platform that can empower them with greater control, real-time insights, and the flexibility to manage campaigns with ease, ultimately translating into more effective and tailored advertising strategies.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of adtech, those with AI intricately woven into the fabric of operations and product development processes are ahead of the game. A commitment to leveraging machine learning not only showcases a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends, but also underscores a strategic approach to enhance user experiences and deliver impactful advertising solutions.

To find out more about how Lemma is driving AI innovation and product development in the adtech space to help brands maximize on the opportunities, visit here.

Industry Insights Artificial Intelligence Martech

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