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Ad of the Day: Stark prints highlight sexual health restrictions facing women worldwide


By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

December 18, 2023 | 4 min read

Uncommon’s first press and outdoor campaign for MSI, a charity committed to providing contraception and safe abortion choices worldwide, will run in both the UK and US.

MSI - 01

MSI ad campaign / Uncommon

As of today, 40% of women live in countries where abortion is banned, restricted or inaccessible, while 257 million have no access to contraception at all. In a world of seemingly infinite choice, when it comes to a basic human right, many women do not have the same options when it comes to their own bodies.

On this theme, MSI has enlisted creative agency Uncommon to raise awareness of the charity’s important work and the power of reproductive choice.

And there has never been a more crucial time to get as many eyes on this issue as possible. Between funding challenges, anti-choice protestors and the fall of Roe v Wade in the US, women and girls around the world are facing extremely difficult situations that put their health and futures at risk.

At first glance, the copy on the prints is overbearing. Words upon words, filling row after row.

In one, for example, you can read every single choice of bagel available on New York’s 8th Avenue. There’s plain with honey, sesame with garlic jalapeno cream cheese, sesame with cinnamon cream cheese, it goes on and on and on. But that’s the point. A breakfast bagel offers more options to women than their health rights do.

‘Every Choice’ amplifies the charity’s mission to make choices possible for women worldwide and is the first time the organization has told its story in such a big way.

“This is a completely new approach for us, but with unprecedented funding uncertainty and an escalation in anti-choice opposition following the overturning of Roe v Wade, it’s never been more important to rally others to join us and choose choice,” said Amanda Seller, vice-president of global partnerships and philanthropy at MSI.

“That’s why we are working with Uncommon to raise the volume on women’s fundamental right to choose. Millions of women and girls rely on the contraception and abortion care that our teams provide to stay in school, follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. We won’t let them down.”

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