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By The Drum, Editorial

December 5, 2023 | 4 min read

To inspire artists and creators to learn about and use Google's new Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero, Google Arts & Culture partnered with Global Street Art and three reknown artists to bring city streets in London, Mexico City and LA to life. The results picked up the AR/VR Award at The Drum Awards for Out Of Home. Here is the award-winning case study.

The objective of this campaign was simple. For audiences to experience street art in a new dimension through augmented reality murals, powered by Google’s Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero. A tool designed to help artists and creators give an extra dimension to their work and easily share location-based augmented reality experiences with more audiences, using just a QR code without the need to download and install an app.

The goal was to inspire artists and creators around the world to learn about and use Google’s new Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero. Geospatial Creator, powered by ARCore and Google Maps Platform, makes it more accessible for creators and storytellers to design and deploy augmented reality experiences without the need to know how to code, in over 59 countries.

Strategy Google AR team partnered with Google Arts & Culture, Global Street Art, and three world-renowned artists to augment their physical murals in London (Camille Walala), Mexico City (Edgar Saner), and Los Angeles (Tristan Eaton). The artists used Geospatial Creator along with Adobe Aero to create the immersive experience, augmenting physical murals digitally in AR, bringing to life a deeper and richer story about the art pieces and making the street art more interactive for the general public.

People were able to literally step into the art pieces created by Camille Walala, Edgar Saner, and Tristan Eaton and explore their creative vision in a new dimension.

Results This campaign truly breaks the fourth wall for audiences, with an OOH experience spanning 3 countries. It demonstrates beautifully how this technology produced incredible results for the chosen artists. Using Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero, the artists were able to visualize and create world-anchored AR experiences completely remotely, exploring a different dimension to their art.

This technology enabled physical audiences in Los Angeles, London, and Mexico City to scan a QR code painted on the side of a street mural and instantly immerse themselves and interact with the augmented art pieces.

In Shoreditch, East London, Camille Walala was able to create a large-scale augmented reality mural using her signature bold and vibrant style.

In Mexico City, the muralist, graphic designer, and visual artist, Edgar Saner, was able to visualize his natural scene, awakening and changing in real time. He used his augmented experience to portray the relationship between nature and humankind, where trees, birds, fungus, flowers, and mystical animals coexist in this concrete jungle, called Mexico City.

In Los Angeles, painter, muralist, and designer Tristan Eaton used his proprietary collection to help create the mural, offering a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence in digital design. Tristan’s mural then launched various epic-scale sculptures echoing his past as a pioneer in the field of ‘art toys', connecting the physical with the digital.

This AR campaign changed the perceptions and attitudes of the artists involved and drove engagement across the world. This groundswell of awe and intrigue picked up huge social media traction, driven by positive sentiment, as well as mainstream PR.

The owned and earned media generated by this campaign contributed to the raising of awareness and interest among artists and developers worldwide. Google Trends showed a huge spike in global search for key search terms whilst the campaign was live in May-June 2023.

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