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Boost on how it helped Brits say 'yes' more often


By The Drum | Editorial

November 28, 2023 | 3 min read

Boost Drinks and the tree have won the Data and Insights category at The Drum Awards for Social Media. Here is the award-winning case study.

Here's is the award-winning activation.

Boost, a beloved energy drink, faced the challenge of expanding its brand beyond its loyal customer base. Recognizing the power of social media to transform perceptions, the agency "the tree" took on the task of showcasing Boost as an everyday lift for all drinkers. The social-first strategy aimed to increase positive perceptions for future growth.

Strategy: Audience Understanding:

Conducted panels, surveys, and social listening to gain insights from energy, hydration, and iced coffee drinkers.

Identified a high-growth audience, "Social Savers," characterized by being thrifty and outgoing.

Utilized GWI data to understand Social Savers' interests, digital usage, and lifestyle.

Content Pillars:

Developed core pillars for social content based on Social Savers' mindset: Distraction, Discovery, and Hacking.

Positioned Boost's socials as a space for saying "yes" more often, aligning with the brand's tagline, "Lets Do This."

Interest Alignment:

Analyzed Demographic Pro data to identify the interests of Boost's community, focusing on football, fashion, fitness, gaming, and music.

Framed content around relatable themes like "Football Fandom," "Fitness Motivation," and "Fashion Confidence."

Competitive Differentiation:

Conducted category research to identify cut-through opportunities.

Positioned Boost as the most relatable brand, differentiating from competitors focused on elite partnerships.

Content Planning:

Employed a combination of paid, partnership, influencer, and organic content.

Established a framework for consistency, ensuring creator-led content aligned with strategic principles.

Results: As of Q3 2023, Boost's social media activities yielded impressive performance metrics compared to the previous year:

Followers: +1,685%

Engagement Rate: +44%

Impressions: +118%

Brand Sentiment:

Positive mentions increased by 14% year-on-year, indicating a positive shift in perceptions.

Influencer Campaign Highlights:

Collaborated with Tom Skinner from The Apprentice, generating 16.1 million impressions and 39,000 engagements.

Partnered with Leeds United, garnering 1.1 million video views and 262,000 engagements.

The data and social strategy successfully positioned Boost as a brand that uplifts people, connects them with their passions, and encourages them to say "yes" more often. The consistent approach and creator-led content contributed to Boost's growth and enhanced brand sentiment.

Media Awards Case Studies Social Media Case Studies

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