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The Drum Network Podcast: The evolution of search journeys, from Google to social


By Sam Anderson, Network Editor

September 14, 2023 | 3 min read

The Drum Network Podcast is back! This week, we're joined by senior marketers to chart the recent revolutions in search journeys.

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How are search journeys evolving? Listen to the latest episode of The Drum Network Podcast to find out. / Marten Newhall via Unsplash

Google has long had a near-monopoly on answering virtually all of our questions. But that might be changing. Increasingly, social platforms including TikTok are gearing up to satisfy 'search-style' queries, as seen in the question-style prompts at the top of TikTok videos' comment sections.

Meanwhile, generative AI, like ChatGPT, could be set to take its own share of the pie; as those large language models become more sophisticated, they'll be better and better at answering our questions.

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But where's all this headed next, and what are the opportunities for brands? That's what we gathered marketers from the search, planning, and media disciplines to discuss on this week's episode of The Drum Network podcast.

We're joined in this episode by:

  • Dave Colgate, head of search engine optimization, Vertical Leap

  • John Campbell, head of innovation, ROAST

  • Sam Cant, head of search engine optimization, Jaywing

  • Lottie Namakando, head of paid media and planning, iCrossing

For more earworms, check out The Drum's podcast hub.

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