By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

August 1, 2023 | 2 min read

Body care brand Billie wants to revolutionize the grooming industry as we know it today.

In its latest campaign titled ‘No Worries If Not!’ Billie has set out to shed light on the absurd double standards society holds women to in everyday life. The key element of the push is a board game, which hopes to tap into nostalgic feelings among viewers.

The spoof infomercial asks, ‘Are you a chronic apologizer?’ and ‘Have you been called a people pleaser?’ before introducing the fake product. It pulls the lens back on the wider experiences of womanhood and highlights how expectations are different, ever-changing, and absurd for women today.

‘Want to be a mom? Ew, compliance! Don’t want to be a mom? Ew, selfish!’ the commercial says, mimicking the game of life for women – unfortunately relatable and eventually unwinnable.

The team tapped into personal real-life examples for this project and the satirical tone is deliberate in order to appeal to the brand’s core audience of Gen Z and young millennials.

Billie - 03
Billie - 02

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