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AI will create ‘that next leap in productivity’ for B2B marketers in APAC


By Jenni Baker, Senior Editor

July 28, 2023 | 6 min read

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In a new webinar, The Drum speaks with leaders from MOI Global to explore how B2B marketers can navigate the complexities of the fragmented APAC market and use new tech to find growth.

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“The emergence of AI is rocking all our worlds in a fantastic way, but it’s putting even greater pressure on, because the pace of change is getting even faster” – Matthew Stevens, chief executive officer at MOI Global believes it’s a challenging but exciting time for any marketer in the world right now, but “for APAC marketers, that is even more heightened.”

Earlier this year, The Drum and MOI launched a report exploring the importance of connected B2B experiences as a catalyst for growth in APAC. It looked at the challenges that APAC marketers face around fragmentation across markets and the complexities that come with that – in terms of budgets, channels, stakeholders and how to balance them.

Diving into these challenges in more detail, The Drum’s deputy editor Jen Faull spoke with Matthew Stevens, chief executive officer and Marcelo Loustau, head of agency solutions, at MOI Global – with an additional focus on the big changes that have followed since the report was launched.

“What we have now is the added pressure of an economic climate creating further fragmentation,” says Stevens. “We’ve seen a lot of B2B technology organizations making layoffs over the last 12 months; that means this attitude that’s always been in place across APAC which is to do more with less is even more so now. And that is a real challenge.”

The key for APAC marketers is finding the balance to be able to meet the expectations of B2B audiences. And further change has been spurred by the rapid growth of new technologies like AI and machine learning coming onto the scene in recent months.

“My view on what AI is going to do is create that next leap in productivity,” says Stevens. “I personally don’t think it that it will replace jobs in marketing, but it will make the jobs that we do much more efficient. It will change some jobs but I think as long as we as marketers are along that journey, then it’s a good thing for all of us because it will move the world on the pace of change.”

He believes that AI is just scratching the surface but, for the APAC market specifically, the opportunity is scale and a key focus area to solve problems and increase the quality of customer experiences.

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“The more comfortable marketing teams get used to using tools, the more they’ll realize that they can do more with less,” adds Loustau. “Not every shiny toy out there is going to add value, it’s more thinking about the core stack that really moves the needle and focusing in on that.

“Technology is a tool, whatever platform it is, it’s there to help us do something quicker, better, faster and smarter. But not if the thinking, the strategy and the data that’s going into the tool is not clean – then the outcomes are not going to be clean either. If we’re always behind when it comes to new technologies, we’re never going to be ahead because everyday something new is happening.”

Catch up on the full webinar now to explore all of this and more, including:

  • The significance of new tech like AI and machine learning for B2B marketers

  • What B2B marketing in the APAC region needs to do to catch up with other regions

  • How APAC marketers can create a strong connected B2B experience for customers

Watch the full webinar here.

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