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The winning formula for effective B2B marketing in APAC


By Preethi Ravi, Journalist

May 3, 2023 | 6 min read

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Connected B2B Experiences - The Catalyst for Growth in APAC, a white paper by MOI Global and The Drum, offers insights and tactics for B2B brands to expand their market share and regional opportunities.

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This report will guide you to understand the tactics you need to craft the best go-to-market plan for your business

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region plays an increasingly important role in the world economy. By 2040, its weight in global gross domestic product (GDP) stands to rise to around 42% – driven by the growing economic importance of APAC consumer markets as drivers of demand. As a result, major business-to-business (B2B) brands are looking to the east to grow market share and seek new opportunities.

APAC is a geographically expansive and populous region characterized by social and cultural variation. This influences the way people communicate, as each of the markets in APAC is diverse and one size does not fit all. What works in the west doesn’t translate easily to the east. And that’s a problem because major decisions are still being made globally, making it tricky for marketers to pivot and adapt to the regional, language and cultural nuances that make APAC unique.

As the region matures and new skill levels develop, the need for localization is key. That requires resourcing (people and budget), but also awareness, ability and willingness to go beyond a glocalized approach. To do that, you need to pull back the layers to reveal the business challenge behind the marketing challenge. It’s far more complex to address, but the potential impact is much more rewarding.

Connected B2B experiences – The Catalyst for Growth in APAC – a new white paper from MOI Global and The Drum takes a deep dive into the nuances that need to be considered when devising marketing strategies, including the challenges to overcome and the opportunities to create better, connected experiences as the catalyst for growth in the APAC region.

This report will serve as your guide to help you understand the tactics you need to craft the best go-to-market plan for your business. Drawing insights from B2B marketing experts at MOI Global, along with Google, Akamai Technologies, and ServiceNow, it will ensure you meet your APAC marketing planning goals head on.

With 2023 gearing up to be a pivotal year for B2B marketing, now is the time to become an expert in creating connected B2B experiences to supercharge your business across APAC.

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APAC Whitepapers Brand Strategy

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