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By Ellen Ormesher, Senior Reporter

July 18, 2023 | 5 min read

Listening to ads on Spotify will raise money to support the UK’s bee population through a new partnership between Magner’s cider and Good-Loop.

The number of bees worldwide is in serious decline due to the growing use of pesticides, intensive farming, and the impact of climate change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says as many as 24% of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction, despite being worth a staggering £690m per year to the UK economy.

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Brands are becoming increasingly aware of the role that biodiversity has to play in their own supply chains, as well as the importance of communicating that to customers. As a third of the world's food production, including the apples that help to make Magners’ cider, depends on bees, the brand is raising awareness of the need to support bee habitats through a fundraising campaign, ‘Gardens – Best Served With Magners.'

“Bees are absolutely critical to the production of Magners, and we are so pleased to be supporting the Bee Friendly Trust in its mission to create habitats for honeybees to thrive," says Iain Telford, Magners’ senior brand manager.

It will run via Good-Loop’s ‘listen to donate’ format. Every time someone listens to Magners’ new spot on Spotify, they’ll hear a message that lets them know they’ve generated a free donation to The Bee Friendly Trust – a charity that supports bee habitats and other pollinators across the UK.

The new listen-to-donate unit – bought on a CPM basis – is the latest ad format from Good-Loop that harnesses the value of consumer attention to help brands and agencies do good at scale.

Other formats include its Watch to Donate format, which generates a free donation to charity every time someone watches an ad, and its This Ad Does Good ad unit, which rewards viewers’ attention by funding various initiatives around the world, including tree planting, coral reef restoration and ocean plastic clearing.

As Stuart Hands-Bellion, head of agency partnerships at Good-Loop, explains: “I’m absolutely buzzing that Magners has chosen to be the first brand to use our exciting new listen-to-donate format to generate some much-needed money to help support and protect bee habitats across the country.

“Here at Good-Loop, we’re on a mission to help brands and agencies use their media budgets to support the global causes they care passionately about at scale. Our new listen-to-donate format does just that, helping to drive brand growth, while also rewarding listeners’ precious time and attention to fund a great charity.”

The campaign, which will run until August 31, expects to raise around £22,000 towards supporting the UK’s struggling bee population.

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