By John Glenday, Reporter

February 6, 2023 | 2 min read

The renowned director has demonstrated the cinematic chops of the Galaxy S23 by shooting a short film entirely on the smartphone.

Working in partnership with electronics giant Samsung, which has produced seven short films to show off the unique feature set of its Galaxy S23 device, Ridley Scott showcases the level of clarity that can be achieved from its state-of-the-art camera.

Produced by the newly formed creative division of Ridley Scott Creative Group, ‘Behold’ takes audiences on a tour of a banlieue on the outskirts of Marseille where one young man struggles to find peace amid the urban blight around him.

The three-minute piece invites audiences to pause and savor the clarity of each frame, surfacing the ethereal beauty of blasted buildings and the everyday dangers of life on the streets.

Produced in association with Plan’it and Cheil, with VFX from Untold Studios, the approach marks a change in emphasis from the electronics conglomerate as it seeks to arrest a dramatic fall in profits.

Commenting on the work, Scott said: “I think the idea is allegorical. It’s a very simple, emotional piece of storytelling. And shooting on a phone, we were able to access real environments and smaller spaces.”

Samsung previously partnered with director Joe Wright for the short film ‘Princess & Peppernose’ and emerging Chinese director Sha Mo who created ‘Kids of Paradise’. Most recently the tech brand teamed up with Academy Award winner Charlie Kauffman for ‘Jackals & Fireflies’.

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