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KFC ad explores all the culinary ways to get messy fingers


By John Glenday, Reporter

April 27, 2022 | 2 min read

KFC has reprised its ‘finger-lickin’ good’ strapline by encouraging its patrons to set table manners to one side when making the most of its fried chicken.


KFC encourages its patrons to be themselves, however they like their chicken

The ‘finger-lickin’ good as an attitude’ strategy has been developed by Mullenlowe to position the fast-food chain as a free-spirited champion of individuality following a period of enforced conformity.

This approach elevates food front and center, with the bearded visage of Colonel Sanders taking a back seat in a supporting brand role.

Explaining the new approach, the team wrote: “What’s finger-lickin’ attitude? It’s taking the act of loving fried chicken so much that you’re willing to lick your fingers in front of everyone – at any time, in any place – just to get the remaining flavors, and turning it into a lifestyle. And that means unapologetically being yourself.”

The unabashed approach seeks to engage younger audiences with the brand, particularly millennials who are both confident in their skin and desirous of deep-fried chicken.

In the process, the act of sucking your fingers clean becomes an act of defiance against social norms – rather than a last resort when you forget to bring a napkin.

A KFC advertising blitz has seen the firm heavily promote more manageable finger food in the form of its wrap range as it strives for a greater slice of the lunch market.

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