By John Glenday, Reporter

April 25, 2022 | 2 min read

KFC is bidding to win over the lunchtime fast food market with an up-tempo ‘wrap battle’ designed to tempt patrons away from the competition.

Developed by Mother, the campaign sees one outlet transformed by Colonel Sanders himself, who leads a DJ set. Meanwhile a young crowd ditch their glow sticks to wave one of four different Twister wraps in the air like they just don’t care.

The unconventional marketing approach promotes the bargain price of £1.98 for the deal – a full penny cheaper than an unnamed Mccompetitor.

Leo Sloley, marketing lead from KFC, said: “We know people can be pretty set in their ways when it comes to lunch choices, so we’re making it an easy decision to choose KFC for lunch with our new Twister Wrap Of The Day at only £1.98. Our new campaign helps you see all the benefits of switching your wrap provider to KFC.”

This isn’t the first time the KFC mascot has taken to the decks, having previously played a live DJ set at the Ultra Music Festival as part of a sponsorship deal.

The campaign is a follow-up to ‘Love at first bite,’ a tribute to the first taste of KFC chicken.

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