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Earth Day 2022: initiatives from brands that stood out


By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

April 22, 2022 | 12 min read

Here’s a round-up of the best activity for Earth Day 2022.


Just Egg’s climate change campaign in Washington, DC / Just Egg

For over 50 years people have used April 22 to celebrate Earth Day and demonstrate support for environmental protection. More than ever people are starkly aware of the dangers of climate change and the extreme measures that need to be taken in order to maintain our way of life.

This year’s ‘Invest In Our Planet’ theme asks us all to make the urgent necessary changes to protect our world. It calls on governments, businesses and citizens to act boldly and innovatively to create a partnership for the planet.

Below are 10 of the best campaigns from brands, artists and activists.

YouTube: ‘Non-Fungible Planet’

Non-fungible: something that is unique, irreplaceable and non-interchangeable. Which, according to the video-sharing platform, is exactly like our planet.

To mark Earth Day, YouTube teamed up with 15 content creators and many different organizations to explore unique locations across the globe and show how incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind our planet is.

“The ocean looks after us. And what a responsibility we have to look after it,” said Elayna Carausu, one half of the vlogger duo Sailing La Vagabonde, who took part in the campaign.

“I think that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned.”

BMW: ‘The Future Finds Us’

In celebration of Earth Day, BMW North America and creative agency partner FCB NY dropped a new campaign featuring its all-electric car.

‘The Future Finds Us’ takes viewers on a journey through snowy, barren and mountainous terrains as American actor Chris Pine narrates the sequence, culminating in a dramatic shot of the BMW iX vehicle perched vertically on top of a 12-foot tower of stone.

The breathtaking shot took place at Yucca Valley in California, with the design and engineering aspects taking 12 weeks to prepare.

New York City Climate Clock


New York City’s famous climate clock is swapping its countdown and instead opting for messages of support for communities that have experienced climate-related disasters.

‘100% Renewable Energy,’ ‘A Plant-Rich Diet’ and ‘Recognition of Indigenous Lands’ are some of the statements that will be featured and aim to urge governments, corporations and people in power to #ActInTime for the climate crisis.

“Climate Clock embodies the urgency of the climate crisis,” said Andrew Boyd, co-creator of the Climate Clock.

“This year, we wanted to center the conversation around the survivors of recent climate disasters who are already feeling the devastating effects of profit being prioritized over their safety, their wellbeing and, in many cases, their lives. It’s critical that those in power understand the human cost of their decisions.”

Wherefrom: ‘Stop the Wash’

Sustainability review platform has called out brands that make a song and dance about their green credentials with a karaoke-style takedown.

‘Stop the Wash’ aims to remind marketers that green slogans alone will not save the planet, incorporating 120 of the most common ‘blandishments’ in its lyrics.

Listeners will be regaled with vacuous phrases such as ‘our mission is green,’ ‘our fueling is clean’ and ‘be the future’ – sentiments that sound good but are largely meaningless.

Allbirds: ‘Keep The Amazon Prime'

Sustainable fashion brand Allbirds launched a tongue-in-cheek 90s-style infomercial to popularize a new membership service for Earth Day.

The ad states that the scheme offers free same-day delivery of oxygen, complimentary removal of carbon dioxide, and unlimited streaming of actual streams.

Excitedly, the voiceover also reveals that there’s a sign-up bonus of “millions of Amazon originals.”

Of course, the video isn’t promoting an online membership service at all – instead, it’s talking about the actual Amazon. You know, the one that matters most.

Wrangler: ‘Earth Day Jean’

Wrangler Jean is inserting itself into the conscious fashion conversation with its ‘Earth Day Jean.’

Taking inspiration from a custom illustration from the 70s, the pants are made from organic cotton and eco-friendly finishes, which the fashion brand states will “last both in style and in wear.”

Canary Wharf: ‘Swap Station’


Shoppers at Canary Wharf will be able swap their old clothes for shopping vouchers from a range of retailers until April 27.

To coincide with the initiative, a striking installation has been designed by leading denim artist Ian Berry. Berry will transform the donated denim jeans, jackets and accessories into a piece of exclusive new art that will hang in the mall, with the new artwork unveiled in June to coincide with World Environment Day.

Salma Zulfiqar: ‘Migration Blanket: Climate Solidarity’

‘The Migration Blanket: Climate Solidarity’ is the sequel to human rights activist Salma Zulfiqar’s award-winning film ‘In Solidarity: The Migration Blanket,’ which won Best Animated Short at the 2021 Berlin Independent Film Festival.

The new film will be shown at the Venice Biennale on April 23 and tells the story of how climate change is destroying women’s lives. It features stories from women who have fled danger from around the world.

“I’ve witnessed women in Bangladesh who’ve been widowed, left destitute and can’t fend for themselves due to cyclones caused by climate change,” noted Zulfiqar.

“The film gives vulnerable refugee and marginalized women a voice, empowers them with knowledge on climate change and encourages them to take action, as well as improving their mental health.”

Palau Legacy Project: ‘Ol’au Palau’

The Palau Legacy Project launched a new campaign to educate people on how to respect the country’s environment and local culture.

Created by Host/Havas, the project offers awards points to people who attempt to offset their carbon footprint using a personal carbon calculator, use reef-safe sunscreen and frequent businesses that are reducing their eco-impact.

“The pandemic has provided our planet with a much-needed wake-up call and an opportunity to see what’s possible when nature has a chance to rebalance itself,” said Alan T Marbou, board member of Palau Visitors Authority and former speaker of the Koror State Government.

“We hope that Ol’au Palau will make more destinations think about the true cost of tourism and rethink who they reward with their best experiences.”

Just Egg: ‘You’re Failing to Protect the Planet’


Plant-based food purveyors Just Egg has adopted a guerilla marketing strategy to get its Earth Day message across directly to the members of Congress who have failed to act on the advice from scientists about global warming.

The vegan egg brand descended on Washington, DC with a provocative message: an egg made from plants is doing more to fight climate change than Congress.

The campaign is personal, in-your-face and even features posters with a QR code over Republican politician Ted Cruz’s face, which directs users to a website where they can write to their representatives to demand action on climate change.

Samsonite upcycles pre-loved luggage into coasters in Singapore


Samsonite has upcycled pre-loved luggage into coasters in Singapore for Earth Day. The coasters, created by Singapore-based design company Studio Dam, are made from pre-loved luggage upcycled into sets of 2-piece coasters which people can redeem at Samsonite’s outlets in Singapore.

In addition, for every pre-loved piece traded by people, Samsonite has committed to a S$10 donation to the World Wide Fund For Nature organization in Singapore.

The donation will go towards the group’s No Plastic In Nature Initiative, Plastic ACTion (PACT), a program that empowers companies to adapt their business models and processes to be more resource-efficient.

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