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By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

October 15, 2021 | 3 min read

Non-governmental organization AllRise has filed a complaint against Brazil‘s president Jair Bolsonaro at the International Criminal Court to hold him accountable for crimes against the environment – specifically the Amazon rainforest.

With the help of creative agency 180 Amsterdam, ‘The Planet vs Bolsonaro’ highlights the devastation that the president‘s actions have had on the planet, and aims to establish a groundbreaking legal precedent when it comes to protecting it.

Between 2019 and 2020 the number of fires in the Amazon became catastrophic and devastating images were shared around the globe of the burning rainforest. Brazil‘s role in the deforestation of the Amazon has been a significant issue since the 1930s as 60% of the Amazon is contained within the country.

Crimes against the Earth are crimes against humanity, and this campaign is holding one of the key culprits – Bolsonaro – accountable. The movement is designed to amplify the complaint’s purpose, bring attention to it and galvanize the public to act.


“We need to hold powerful individuals, like Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who intentionally destroy the environment, accountable,” said Johannes Wesemann, founder of AllRise.

“How? With laws already in place, which we need to use to secure our planet for the generations to come. And with the power of the people. This is why we created a powerful campaign by the name of ‘The Planet vs Bolsonaro’ to also win in the court of public opinion. The time is now.”

The climate crisis is one of the biggest threats that humanity has ever faced, but the scale and complexity of it can sometimes make people feel powerless as the individuals responsible for exacerbating the crisis often seem immune to the consequences.

By enforcing laws that are already in existence, it enables people to bring about very real, tangible change and hold politicians like Bolsonaro accountable.

“‘The Planet vs Bolsonaro’ is an incredible initiative that can drive remarkable change,” added Kalle Hellzén, chief creative officer at 180 Amsterdam. “We’re so proud to be part of this idea and the democratic design and messaging system that will capture the public’s attention and empower them to act, creating a conversation that is too loud to ignore.”

Individuals are being encouraged to download the full legal and climatological complaint, as well as sign the petition.

AllRise: The Planet vs Bolsonaro by 180 Amsterdam

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