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Delivering the power of AI-driven web accessibility to the client's table

By Ian Darby, journalist

April 21, 2022 | 5 min read

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One in four people in the US live with some kind of disability today. And consumers with disabilities have a collective buying power of $490bn. This means that, more than ever, client websites need to be inclusive and accessible to everyone as increasing numbers come to rely on the digital ecosystem for paying bills, ordering groceries and buying gifts.

Make accessibility an integral part of an agency’s proposition and generate new revenue streams

Make accessibility an integral part of an agency’s proposition and generate new revenue streams

The benefits of providing AI-powered web accessibility solutions are clear to see for agencies of all kinds. These include a straightforward route to enhancing your reputation as an inclusive agency, boosting web performance by opening your digital world to the 25% of the population who could not access a site, minimizing the risk of litigation for both your agency and your clients, and providing new revenue streams for your business.

2021 was a record-breaking year with thousands of agencies adding web accessibility to their service offerings. And more in the agency community are seeing the many benefits of ensuring advertisers' digital assets are available to all – such as increased performance, boosted revenues, and improved reputations.

Deliver on accessibility now

However, if brands and their agencies aren't delivering on this then they're doing themselves, and the whole marketing communications industry, a disservice. That's why accessiBe, the market leader in AI web accessibility and technologies, is partnering with The Drum for a webinar that explores web accessibility and inclusion.

The session will focus on three main themes.

  1. How to make accessibility an integral part of an agency’s proposition and generate new revenue streams

  2. What brands and agencies need to deliver in legal terms, and to mitigate the risk of unnecessary litigations

  3. How the AI-powered approach makes web accessibility efficient and affordable

Discussing issues is an expert panel of agency, compliance, and disability leaders. Joining Rafi Glantz, senior partner success manager at accessiBe, is Alycia Anderson, TEDx motivational speaker, writer, corporate inclusion consultant, and founder of the Alycia Anderson Company, Yan Margolin, partner at Yan Margolin, Attorney at Law, and Myrna Daramy, marketing technology strategist. Register to attend the webinar here.

AI-powered solutions

The webinar will analyze why it's not simply a matter of being compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It will look towards how a greater focus on web accessibility also makes good business sense, because it can deliver better results and enhance search engine optimization.

And the session will also consider how agencies can work with clients to ensure that technology does the heavy lifting for them, and explore how the emergence of AI-powered solutions is helping agencies to deliver against their accessibility goals.

It used to be that web accessibility projects for agencies meant hiring outside help, such as an expert in the field, or learning specific coding guidelines to deliver against a project and passing the costs on to the client. Now, with the assistance of this AI, agencies can utilize automated web accessibility for better, more efficient, results. That's because AI-powered, automated web accessibility solutions are easily implemented by anyone, and significantly reduce time and costs associated with required changes.

Rising consumer demand

One small step towards accessibility on a client's website can deliver huge positive impact on reputation and consumer perception. In 2022, it doesn't just matter to people with disabilities but to all customers that the brands they buy from are inclusive.

Web accessibility is a win-win solution for everyone concerned – agencies, clients, and consumers. Now that technology is available to deliver accessibility as part of agency service offerings, they can feel confident about embracing the opportunity, knowing that it's a positive, inclusive step forward, and also good for business.

Register to attend the webinar here.

Artificial Intelligence Creative Works Brand Strategy

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accessiBe is the market leader in AI web accessibility solutions and technologies. As a web accessibility hub, accessiBe provides different AI-powered solutions...

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