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Ogilvy UK wants you to use your mouth this Valentine’s Day


By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

February 14, 2022 | 3 min read

Following on from the award-winning ‘Let’s Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex’ campaign, creative agency Ogilvy UK and relationship charity Relate are back once again with a cheeky yet fitting Valentine’s ad.

ogilvy 2

Ogilvy UK and Relate's Valentine's ad

‘Gifts Don’t Make Relationships, Conversations Do’ flips the stereotypical Valentine’s trope of expensive gestures and replaces it with the simple notion that intimacy and connection really are the ultimate present.

The four sensual posters feature tongue-in-cheek copy, reading ‘This Valentine’s use your mouth’ and ‘This Valentine’s use your fingers’, with extremely close-up shots of lips, fingers and tongues.


“The best way to build healthy relationships of all kinds is to share feelings and problems rather than bottle them up or paper over the cracks,” said Sarah Milsom, director of communications and engagement at Relate, “especially now, when the effects of what we’ve all been through in recent times are still coming to the fore.

“This series of posters remind people not to underestimate the gift of honest, authentic connection this Valentine’s Day.”

To accompany the striking posters, the organization has also released a 30-second film in which viewers see a camera pan throughout a house where various handrails are visible, presumably to aid the inhabitant’s mobility, including two that are boldly positioned above the bed frame.


“The simple fact is it that many of us need intimacy now more than ever, and communication is the bedrock of healthy and happy relationships,” added Jules Chalkley, chief executive creative director at Ogilvy UK.

“As a society, we are obsessed with love and affection, but it can be easy to forget that simple authentic conversation is what defines connection, happiness and intensity.”


Pushing the sentiment that communication lies at the heart of healthy relationships, the ads aim to serve as a reminder to all those celebrating Valentine’s Day that happy relationships are driven by authenticity and honesty.

The Drum recently caught up with Jules Chalkley about the importance of being age-inclusive when it comes to talking about sex.


Relate: Gifts Don’t Make Relationships, Conversations Do by Ogilvy UK

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