Fanta banishes January blues with a celebration of colorful people

Soft drink brand Fanta is bringing some much-needed color to a gray Britain with a celebration of those who don’t take themselves too seriously in life.

‘Colourful People’ showcases those who embrace life through play and fun, making the connection between a life well lived and the sugary blast of sweetness contained within a bottle of Fanta.

Encouraging fans to twist off the lid on a bottle, the screen-led campaign centers on a new TV commercial created by Santo Buenos Aires.

Depicting people having fun at home, at work and out and about, the campaign shows firemen skipping over their hosepipes, an elderly lady riding her shopping trolley to infinity and beyond and a flight attendant breaking into rap – with Fanta being attributed to these bouts of spontaneous joy.

Charlotte Walsham, brand manager for Fanta GB, said: “Fanta is a delicious colorful drink that has been enjoyed for over 80 years. With ‘Colourful People,’ we want to inspire fans to find the colorful moments in the gray of everyday, from joining a video call to savoring their favorite snacks. Fanta lovers have a playful spirit at heart and we want to celebrate those who never let go of this quality, which is now more important than ever.”

The TV advert is supported by digital, social and out-of-home (OOH) activations and follows efforts to expand the brand’s presence in South East Asia, with assistance from MediaMonks.