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Mark Zuckerberg teases Meta world-building with 3D painting

The clip shows a painting come to life in the metaverse

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has given an insight into his ambitions for the metaverse, following the social network’s high-profile rebrand, by illustrating how an added dimension of interactivity can usher in new worlds of possibility.

Fresh from announcing the Meta name to the world – an overt shift in emphasis from traditional social media to the fledgling metaverse – Zuckerberg has sought to show what this might mean in practice by bringing a classical painting to life through mixed reality.

Transposing awestruck real-world gallery visitors with an otherworldly jungle scene, the fantastical piece shows the flat window of a painting bounded by the confines of its frame slowly opening up to reveal infinite vistas of a strange new world.

Closing with the words ‘This is going to be fun,’ the promotional clip seeks to enthuse audiences with a sense of wonder about the future potential of shared virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments – distracting from Facebook’s present woes around privacy and data protection.

Mindful of mounting concern at its growing size and clout, Facebook voluntarily shuttered its automatic facial recognition feature for photos and videos, together with a pledge to remove any data collected.

Under these circumstances, it is unclear how infectious Zuckerberg’s messianic zeal for this brave new world will be among the general public, with surveys showing most Americans to be indifferent to the metaverse idea.

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