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October 14, 2021 | 4 min read

DDB Russia won the ‘Best Website Sesign’ category at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2021 with its Cyber-Spa for Kaspersky Lab. Here, the team behind the winning entry shares the secrets of this successful project...

The challenge

Covid-19 burst suddenly into our lives and completely changed the usual rhythm of life literally in a matter of days: quarantine, social distance, empty streets, the need to live and work simultaneously in a ‘closed space‘ 24/7 - all these factors had an extremely negative impact on people‘s psychological states.

Employees working in companies specializing in development of anti-virus, spam and hacker attacks systems were under double pressure – the amount of work was growing in proportion to the number of people working remotely.

Kaspersky Lab management decided to provide special psychological support to its 4,000+ employees all over the world. But how can you provide real psychological help to 4,000 people living in all corners of the world and working from home? What to do in a situation where the traditional off-line methods for coping with depression (walks, sports clubs, meetings with friends, seeing a psychologist, etc) are not available?

The strategy

Kaspersky Lab is a high-tech company, one of the world‘s leading developers of anti-viruses, spam and hacker attacks products. A brand that creates innovative technologies allowing users to relax and not think about possible threats to their computer equipment. So why not develop digital technologies that help people relax mentally and physically, regenerate their physical, mental and intellectual resources?

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And what could be more relaxing to the mind and body than a trip to the spa? A spa that is available simultaneously for 4,000+ employees all over the world? This could only be an online spa, offering a full range of familiar treatments for relaxation: infinite serenity (a set of visual and auditory meditations), techno-sound therapy (audio relaxation with sounds of the future), fitness selfie (a set of facial exercises) and digital slime (a multi-level tactile meditation).

Cyber-Spa home page.

The project

Design of the site was developed based on the rules of a traditional off-line spa: muted soft tones of light blue and pink meet consumers to set up the right mood. A quiet and soulful sounds of water, fire and specially selected music tracks provided consumer a feeling of real presence in spa.

Design of the cyber-spa website simulates an actual spa visit: users can choose their own relaxation treatment or take the advice of a consultant. After traditional diagnostics, every visitor is provided with a series of exercises in a sequence that suit their individual needs.

In order to provide deep relaxation experience to consumers several innovations were developed:

  • All color-codes were specially selected based on Lüscher methodology and fully correlated with a specific relaxation treatment.

  • Special technique allowed consumers to make online selfies, with digital smile exercise.

  • For sensorial relaxation we created an online stress-ball transcendental movement meditation: clicking a mouse/dashboard consumer got experience of meditating with a ‘real‘ stress-ball.

  • Sounds have been specially created for techno-sound therapy that are almost impossible to hear in real life: techno from Jupiter, the infinity sound of a black hole and the whispers of a friendly cyborg.

Plunging into the world of online relaxation, using color, sound and sensory relaxation techniques, the visitor gets the whole range of sensations that help them to distract from everyday stress, relax, gain calmness and balance.

The results

The campaign was launched March 9, 2021 and immediately resonated with Kaspersky Lab employees. More than 2,000 employees in different countries (nearly 50%) enjoyed the Cyber Spa relaxation. The average time spent on the site reached a record of 3.42 minutes – meaning that people took advantage of more than one spa treatment.

The campaign received widespread response and heated discussion on social media. Delighted with modern technology, our visitors actively shared the positive emotions of visiting a cyber spa and actively recommended it to their friends and followers.

The campaign received a good pr-buzz all over the world – the media published more than 96 articles about unique and innovative cyber-spa website. In Italy our project even received a special prize from a radio station!

This project was a winner at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2021. Find out which of The Drum Awards are currently open for entries.

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