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Digital Summit 2021: Data’s story: How to bring your datasets alive

Data’s story: How to bring your datasets alive

We’ve all heard the adage, “garbage in, garbage out”. But what about the quality of the data feeding today’s most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models and solutions?

AI technology – powered by machine learning and computer vision – is one of the biggest disruptors of our lifetime, with the power to transform business and marketing. From chatbots to conversational AI and a consumer desire for more personalized experiences, it powers so much of what we see today and holds the promise to do more as the technology continues to develop.

At The Drum’s Digital Summit, in partnership with Shutterstock, we will seek to challenge the way companies think about data in a session entitled ‘Data’s story: how to bring your datasets alive’.

Available on demand from October 14, AI and data science experts, including Alessandra Sala, director of artificial intelligence at Shutterstock, will debate how businesses and marketers can unlock the power of AI and leverage datasets that are both more impactful and more alive.

With AI now so ubiquitous across many business processes, from product innovation to marketing, employee and customer engagement, the issue of data quality remains questionable. According to an IDC study, a quarter of organizations attempting to adopt AI report a failure rate of up to 50% with the leading causes of inconsistent data quality in marketing including problems with taxonomy and meta-tagging, lack of data governance and loss of productivity.

From static datasets to dynamic indicators of business performance, the session will delve deep into the world of data with insights and actionable advice to not just improve but bring datasets alive. It will look at the problems with the data currently feeding today’s AI models and solutions and what business leaders and marketers should be challenging within their organization, plus much more.

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