Ad of the Day: Apple Watch ruins a day of relaxation in the best possible way

The Apple Watch 6 has been put through its paces by Pulse Films in an ad that loops the ever-more ambitious daily exercise routine of one wearer once intent on having a day of relaxation.

Hello Sunshine from director Oscar Hudson depicts how a life of leisure can be enriched by a simple prompt from your smartwatch to encourage the wearer to live life to the fullest.

The film opens to show a woman relaxing in a field, with the declaration: “This summer, all I want to do is relax.” Things soon take an energetic turn, however, when an alert admonishes her with the words: ‘You took it easy yesterday, but let’s close at least one ring today.’

This prompts the protagonist to interrupt her relaxation to begin a run before taking it easy again. Once bitten by the exercise bug, a succession of sports and activities soon follow, from swimming and dancing to rock climbing – with the Apple Watch serving as a constant companion tracking her goals.

Throughout each activity the smartwatch is portrayed as playing a vital role, from logging heart rate to providing words of encouragement and registering PBs, thus providing that necessary nudge to get active.

Highlighting the uncanny adeptness of the wrist device to track your every move, the gadget even picks up a fall, asking the wearer if she wishes to call the emergency services.

The latest promotion evolves Apple’s approach to the smartwatch, which has previously focused on telling close-up stories of humdrum daily drama.

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