UK Digital Agency Census: the best agencies in the country, according to their peers

With lockdown neutralizing whole marketing channels and the British economy still reeling from the impact of the pandemic, picking up new clients isn’t easy at the moment. But reputation can go a long way towards helping persuade brands to open up their budgets.

To find out which digital marketing agencies were the most respected and admired in the industry, we did the sensible thing – we asked other digital marketing agencies about who they respected and admired.

The Drum’s UK Digital Agency Census, released throughout this month, surveyed hundreds of digital agencies and asked them to nominate the agencies they thought were the best.

The results of the Census will be released throughout March, culminating in our Elite Poll – a best-of-the-best ranking that will highlight the best digital agencies in the country.

Which agencies came out on top?

The five most-admired digital agencies in the country – according to their own rivals and peers – are listed below. You can see the top 50 digital agencies here.

Peer rank Agency
1 Brainlabs Digital
2 Jellyfish
3 Adam&Eve DDB
4 UsTwo

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