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Problem Solved #23: Going into startup mode can reinvigorate your business

Problem Solved #23: Going into startup mode can reinvigorate your business

To mark the launch of our new manifesto – setting out The Drum’s editorial mission to help readers solve their problems – we’re christening today Solutions Day on And to set the tone, over the course of 24 hours our team of worldwide journalists will be spotlighting 24 recent examples of times when our industry demonstrated its remarkable talent for solving problems.

Problem: The traditional ways of doing business aren't working out for brand leaders.

Solution: Put your employees first, your customer first and get into startup mode.

Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek taught us that organizations can only truly inspire if they “start with why”. Now he’s teaching us how leaders should behave in the age of Covid-19:

  • Double down on ‘good leadership.’ “Why weren‘t you just calling your people at random and saying, ‘just checking in’. That‘s just good leadership.”

  • Put the customer at the front of the equation, not yourself. “The companies that are really doing a good job at everything right now have put their customer at the center of the equation. They are saying, ‘we have really important, valuable things’.”

  • It doesn't matter how mature your company or your industry is, you are a startup. “The companies that are struggling to pivot are trying to do what they’ve always done in this environment.”

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