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Problem Solved #21: Budweiser on going ‘hyper-local’ to attract younger consumers

Problem Solved #21: Budweiser is going ‘hyper-local’ to attract younger consumers

To mark the launch of our new manifesto – setting out The Drum’s editorial mission to help readers solve their problems – we’re christening today Solutions Day on And to set the tone, over the course of 24 hours our team of worldwide journalists will be spotlighting 24 recent examples of times when our industry demonstrated its remarkable talent for solving problems.

Problem: As a mass market brand, Budweiser has seen mass market channels become more muted.

Solution: The brewer has concoted a plan to connected with younger consumers locally in a way they can’t miss.

Bud is tapping into everyday moments to in an effort to get into 25- to 34-year-olds’ hearts, hands and refrigerators. Here’s the inside scoop on its new marketing blueprint:

  • The brand has recognized that its sweet spot is “the intersection between something that has social currency within a sub-community and Budweiser having an authentic way of tapping in,” according to vice-president of marketing Monica Rustgi.
  • Tactical examples include: Michigan getting its very own Big Sean 25oz tallboy Budweiser in honor of the rapper’s new album, Detroit 2, and the brewer declaring itself ’the official beer of the shift change’ in Philadelphia on Labor Day. Bud also bought a free lunch for those who punched the clock during the national US holiday. On top of that, it is currently campaigning to become the ’official beer’ of Utah.

“Consumers can smell run-of-the-mill marketing,” explains Rustgi.

”Even for a brand as large as Budweiser, we always want to make sure we’re right at the heart of consumers and authentically.”

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