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Marketing Stories: how sports organisers, fans and brands are changing

This latest podcast episode explores the changing relationship of sports brands and fans

In this episode of Marketing Stories, the podcast that brings to life unmissable articles from our magazine in audio form, we explore the modern realities of sports experiences.

Hear how VR and AR are disrupting the traditional means of viewing, how tech is transforming the way brands identify with their favourite teams, and the extent to which professional sports teams are investing in new ways of communicating with fans.

Marketing Stories is brought to you with the support of Readly. It can be found on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or search for 'Marketing Stories with Diane Young' on your favourite podcast app.

The feature shared in this podcast was published exclusively in The Drum magazine. If you like what you hear, you can get the full magazine each month at thedrum.com/subscribe.

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