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By Thomas Hobbs, Journalist

March 20, 2020 | 3 min read

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Creating a business where all employees feel like they have an important role to play is not easy. In a webinar from The Drum, in partnership with Workplace from Facebook, the social media giant gives practical advice on what leaders can do to inspire the workplace in the 2020s.

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Hosted by journalist Michael Nutley, the new Drumcast includes Workplace’s head of business influencer program, Ben Gould who talks about how chief executives can create a dynamic workplace, and why properly utilising technology will be more and more crucial over the coming years.

“By 2025 as much as 75% of the average workplace will be millennials and they expect to use the same tools as they do at home,” advises Gould. “It could be that you have hundreds of employees working in another office who feel a bit unconnected, but with something like VR or a collaboration tool you can make them all feel like they’re in the same room. Business leaders need to empower their employees with the right tools so they feel like they’re being heard and are truly connected to their business.”

Gould also discusses what leadership looks like in the modern world and some of the common mistakes CEOs make, particularly when it comes to meeting the expectations of their youngest members of staff. According to a new report by Gallup, 66% of employees feel disengaged with their job and only 14% feel connected to the head office. “This shows there’s massive room for improvement,” Gould tells Nutley, “and how a connected office will make people feel more engaged.”

He claims that businesses perform much better when they prioritise connected environments where technology links employees together and ensures they can manage workflow. In fact, connected companies in the U.S. are 22% more profitable, according to the same Workplace report, and 17% more productive.

Using the example of Delta Airlines’ CEO Ed Bastian, who recently joined Instagram so he could get closer to the brand’s customers and employees, Gould discusses how big of a difference having a modern connected leader can make and how to overcome the current barriers that might stop this from happening.

“The mindset needs to change and leaders have to challenge the status quo by forming a better alignment with the people who work at their company,” adds Gould. “What I find from working with CEOs is they all want to have a better understanding of the story they want their brands to tell and more of a connection with their workers. The CEOs who take this leap are the ones who win as they are realising that a more open world is ultimately a better world.”

Watch the DrumCast above. This is the second in a two part series of DrumCasts with Workplace from Facebook. Watch the first here.

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